Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few predictions and a word to remember.

   I waited a couple of days before blogging to let my "political high" die down a bit.
   Now that the "high" is down, time to ask some serious questions and gaze intently into my crystal ball.
  Here's a few predictions:
   1: From now to Jan 2nd, Obama is going to go batshit crazy. He has two months to ramrod whatever he can of his socialist/pro-Islamic agenda down our throats before a new Congress and Senate takes over,
   2: Obama will have to replace Attorney General Holder before the current rubber-stamp Senate leaves and the GOP-controlled Senate takes over in January. If he doesn't, the new AG will be questioned on what would he do to investigate the scandals of the past 6 years.
   3: Expect a FLOOD of executive orders. Obama will try executive ordering things while he still has a rubber-stamp Senate. It will be his last chance to do much of anything without opposition.
   Once the new GOP-controlled House and Senate convenes, the ball is in their court.
   A few more predictions:
   4: Don't expect miracles. It takes 67 votes to override a veto or impeach Obama. While the GOP/Tea Party victories were awesome, we simply don't have enough votes. Short of His Royal Islamic Highness molesting his kids on the White House lawn in front of the media, he's pretty much home-free.
   5: Expect to see SOME legislative movement in the Senate. Bills Harry Reid didn't put on the floor will get at least a hearing. GOOD bills will get a vote and then the ball is in Obama's court. If he vetoes it, he better have a damned good reason WHY. "Just because" isn't good enough.
   6: I've heard Harry Reid might not have enough votes to be the MINORITY leader. His "non-action" on the aforementioned bills cost many Democrat Senators their elections because they didn't have a chance to vote on issues and show their stuff.
   7: I would not be surprised if Reid changes the procedural rules to stop a fillibuster. At one time, it took 60 votes to end a filibuster. Harry Reid changed it to "majority vote only" so the Democrats could end filibusters and "get on with business." Expect Reid to change it back before the GOP can take over again.
   8: Expect NO gun control bills to even get sent to committee for the next two years. The GOP knows not to screw with the 2nd Amendment. I do expect Chairman MAObama to try pushing for it and resorting to executive orders to get it. (maybe this will slow down demand for ammunition and reloading components!)
  9: Expect the Democrats to start plotting/planning, etc on how to regain what they threw away. Expect them to do everything they can to obstruct and block progress.
   10: Think Obama is "toxic" now? Give him two years of not signing bills passed by the House and Senate. His fundraising abilities will dwindle as will his popularity. Showing up in battleground states cost him the Senate. When the Presidential campaign season kicks off, his stumping for a candidate will be the kiss of death.
   The word Obama should remember is MANDATE.
   Obama says "his Mandate" is bigger (2/3 of voters did not vote).
   If it was so big, why is he suddenly talking about "compromise"?
   The word is MANDATE.
   The people have given the GOP a MANDATE to fix broken government.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Can you waste your vote?

   I have to ask this question: Can someone waste their vote? Some say a cast vote isn't wasted. I disagree. Why?
  When a voter votes for a certain party because "It's a family tradition" or "My family has always voted _________", it shows a lack of thinking on their part. They are perfectly willing to let someone else do their political thinking for them. Thus, in my mind, they aren't voting for themselves, but how their family tells them to vote. They've let themselves become lemmings.
 When a voter votes for __________ because their favorite celebrity says to, they reveal their stupidity. To those people who listen to celebrities, I say this; LOSERS!
  Why do I say LOSERS? God only knows what their motivation for voting is. I perceive that some of them will rush right out and vote for ____________ in the vain hope their favorite celebrity will notice and shower some sort of carnal reward on them. Bunch of dumbasses.
  When you vote for someone else because someone else says you should, you're not voting for yourself. You don't know if that person making said recommendation even knows what the hell they're talking about!
  When you vote for someone based on looks (yes, I know one gal who voted for Clinton in 1992 because he was "cute", then freaked because his proposed tobacco tax would (and did) put her tobacco-farming hubby out of business). With plastic surgery, an idiot can be made to look Presidential. For all you know, you just elected a handsome idiot to office!
  Some people say "What if I don't vote because I don't approve of the candidates?"
  Fair question. I've sat out a few elections because I thought both candidates were lowlife scum who needed a bullet rather than a vote. There IS a difference between not voting, and not having someone to vote for.
  If you have nobody worth voting for, then don't vote. If you don't vote because "it's inconvenient", then you wasted your vote.
 So how do you waste your vote? Casting an uninformed vote is a wasted vote. Casting a BLIND "one party vote" is a wasted vote also. Voting for a candidate based on looks is wasting your vote.
  The best way to cast your vote is to GET INFORMED on the candidates and issues. THEN vote. Don't waste your vote.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Voter ID and Voter Fraud

   T-minus 8 days 5 hours and a few minutes until the greatest display of individual freedom begins.
   Election Day 2014.
   For me, it looks like the sunrise after an eternal night. Where angry citizens turn out in massive numbers and vote Republican/Tea Party to oust the Democrats in a fair, equal election.
   I cannot use the words "Democrat" "Fair" and "Election" in the same sentence and keep a straight face.
   There are already DOCUMENTED instances of voter fraud, all of it favoring Democrats. A ballot-box was stuffed by a DEMOCRAT. Here's the link to the video. Democrat Ballot Box Stuffer
   You can bet your ass if this was a Republican or Tea Party ballot box stuffer, Eric Holder would be all over it like stink on s**t. But since it benefits Democrats, he says nothing.
   Think this is an isolated incident? Here's another, in Chicago, IL. A voting machine was "calibrated" to turn GOP votes into Democrat votes. Here's the link: Voting Machine Fraud
   Once again, if the GOP/Tea Party was behind such antics, Attorney General Eric Holder would have the FBI, Federal Election Commission and every media outlet in the world in Chicago and trying to blame the Tea Party/GOP for it.
   Since such antics help Democrats, Eric Holder is going to keep quiet and do nothing.
   To the readers, I say, "Keep your eyes open" and report ANY and ALL suspicious activities at the voting booth to local, state and Federal officials. We, THE PEOPLE, must do all we can to ensure each vote is counted as it was cast.
   There are many ways to steal an election, and a standard Democrat technique is adding voters to the rolls. Doesn't matter if they are eligible to vote or not. They MUST do this to offset disillusioned Democrats who don't vote or vote GOP.
   This is why they despise Voter ID laws.
   The concept is simple. You show up at the polling place and present proof of residency. A driver's license is the most common form of ID presented as it shows the person's face AND address. Most adults have a driver's license, so it's no problem.
   Yet according to the Democrats, voter ID laws do nothing but make it harder for minorities to vote.

   The poor, downtrodden minorities cannot be expected to exercise their vote (sniffle).
   Ask how those downtrodden minorities get to/from work. Chances are, they have a car. Therefore they must have a driver's license. As renewing or changing address on a driver's license is done at the courthouse/DMV, the "oppressed minority" can use the opportunity to register to vote via "Motor Voter" bill. Doesn't cost extra.
   Ask how those poor, abused souls (violins) manage to get a house, utilities, and a job without proper ID.
  Or how they managed to get one of the many forms of Federal assistance (welfare, unemployment, etc.) without ID.
   Clearly, "disenfranchising minorities" is nothing more than the empty whining of a party desperate to hold onto power, even if it means crapping on the Constitution and everything our great nation stands for.
   Voter fraud and crapping on America are great Democrat traditions.
   Time to put an end to it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Democrats Don't Get it!

Been a while since I blogged, so time to rev up the verbal chainsaw and shove the bar where it needs to go.
Today's verbal target: Barack Hussein Obama, aka IL Douche or His Royal Islamic Highness.
Reason: Military budget cuts.

   Today, General Raymond Odierno, the Army Chief of Staff said America needs to rethink defense cuts and the military budget. Here's the link:U.S. Army Getting Too Small

   Now that you've read it, here's my opinion.
   The first responsibility of ANY government is to protect its borders, embassies and national interests.
   Pay attention, Barack. School is in session.
   Repeat after me. "A leader is responsible for what his subordinates do or fail to do."
   We sure could use a properly sized, trained, equipped and balanced military right about now. Our borders are WIDE open. Il Douche does not want to discuss BENGHAZI (and how we "could not get there in time"). Our national interests are under attack. WHO is ultimately responsible for national security?
   The Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

   Since His Royal Islamic Highness does not have a military background, I will do my best to educate him in what a proper military consists of.

   America must have a properly sized military. To my mind, a properly sized military means you have sufficient units to handle whatever national commitments you make without "breaking the troops."
   Example: If we send a division to Iraq, there needs to be a total of two divisions "earmarked" for the mission. One division on the ground. One resting, refitting, and gearing up for the deployment. It's that simple.

  Properly trained means each unit is thoroughly and expertly trained for its designated mission. NO CUTTING CORNERS.
   EXAMPLE: Army tankers, MOS19K. Each tanker receives extensive training as part of "One Station Unit Training" that turns out properly trained tankers after 12 weeks.
   When the new tanker joins his unit, he is assigned to a crew and trains exclusively with them in simulators. He will work on his tank and master his job.
   When the tank crew goes to the field, they will drive in all conditions and fire all weapons. This is EXPENSIVE, but you can only teach so much in a simulator. You MUST get your hands dirty, disturb the local wildlife and make loud noises.
   Politicians MUST refrain from deciding to cut training budgets. Marksmanship and vehicle use are often the first cut. You wind up with tank crews who can't hit the broad side of a barn and who can't employ their vehicles tactically. Crews that fail these standards are known as DEAD. I bet if politician's kids were in those tanks, training standards would stay high and there would be a decent budget for training.

   The troops MUST have the best equipment available and the money to maintain it properly. I'm not talking about buying every gee-whiz device on the market. I'm talking about giving the troops the best equipment available to perform the mission.
   EXAMPLE: M1 Abrams tank.
   During the Cold War, we figured we would be fighting off hordes of Soviet tanks in Europe. As those Communist baby-bangers had 50,000 tanks, we had to have BETTER tanks to offset their numerical superiority.
   Thus, the Army said "we NEED a new tank," gathered experienced tankers who came up with the "ideal" tank. Naturally, the civilians balked at the concept of spending millions PER tank. The Abrams is NOT fuel-efficient, and the politicians on the LEFT side of the aisle freaked because their "experts" from the LEFT side of society said the Abrams couldn't do what its designers said it could.
   Cost of training would be frightful because the Abrams was not merely a new tank--it pretty much revolutionized the concept of tank warfare. The Left wing grumbled, tried to get budget cuts, tried to get the Abrams program ended, etc.
   Desert Storm shut up the critics. The Abrams superior range, electronics and mechanical reliability ate the Iraqi Army's tanks for a snack. Having that tank (and other awesome weapons) is one reason American casualties were incredibly low.

   Now we will discuss "properly-balanced" forces.
   To my mind, "properly-balanced" means one service is not overly favored or neglected. A superpower like the United States cannot afford to throw too much money at one service--or neglect any. Each service plays a vital role and neglecting a service in favor of the "theory of the week" will bite America in the ass in the end.
   EXAMPLE: After WW2, it was believed atomic weapons would be able to adequately safeguard America from the Communists. The Air Force was given the responsibility for providing the nuclear umbrella. When the Korean War started, the nearest unit, the 24th Infantry Division was the occupation force in Japan. They did not have money to train for war and when they went to Korea, they paid for the politician's budget cuts in blood. Air power alone did not stop the North Koreans and Chinese forces. It took ground forces with air and naval support to stop the invasion.

   As Democrats clearly don't "get it," it falls to we, the people to elect leaders who DO get it.
   When you go to the polls this November 4th, remember one silent lesson from history.

    Those that do not prepare for war often become slaves of those who do prepare for war.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why IRS-Gate should be important TO YOU

   Across America, people are saying, "Why should I be so worried about IRS-Gate?" "I'm not a Tea Party member," "It doesn't affect me."
  It is to these people I address.
  True, you may not be a Tea Party member. This doesn't affect you. But you better be worried about it.
  Americans have rights most nations don't trust their citizens with. First is the freedom of speech.
   In essence, the IRS silenced Tea Party groups by delaying needed tax paperwork these groups needed to legally participate in the election process.
   In short, the government silenced free citizens who wished to make their opinions known, teach the Constitution and writings from noted historical conservative thinkers.
   This silencing not only violated the Constitution, but also broke the law. When the citizens demanded Justice, they received the DC Runaround, complete with denials, press conferences, pleadings of the Fifth, etc.
   Ask yourself what would happen if YOU and a group of friends unlawfully denied a group of people from exercising their rights. You know the answer. You'd be arrested, investigated, slapped with a 'gag' order while 'the anonymous government source' would go on the news and say how much evidence they have against you (to subtly influence potential jurors). Then you would be jailed, fined to the max and your name dragged through the mud.
   Yet the government has a double standard going. Lois Lerner, will receive anywhere from $50,000 to 105,000 dollars in retirement benefits. No jail time. No nothing. No finding out who she worked for. Nothing.
   But the right to participate in the election process remains violated.
   Why should you pay attention to IRS-Gate?
   Two reasons.
   1. What will you do if this happened to YOU?

   The Government, under Barack Obama, made peaceful revolution impossible.
   Unless there is JUSTICE, there will be revolution.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The American Pressure Cooker (NSFW)

   This has been a rather infuriating week, politically, that is.
   Obama is letting thousands of "DREAMers" (his spin on illegal immigrants) stay in the US and is spending millions of dollars to clothe, house, feed and give them legal aid to STAY in the USA (so their parents can join and become Democrat voters I mean citizens.
   This action alone proves Barack Obama (aka IL DOUCHE) is an anti-American SOB. Barack, if you hate America so much, resign the Presidency, let your pet idiot Joe Biden (aka Jokin' Joe Bidet) finish running America into the ground, and GET THE FUCK OUT, BITCH!
   Take Moochelle and the borrowed offspring with you. Don't come back.
   (checking BP...oh yes, NSFW therapy is working quite nicely. I'll have to do some more!)
  IRS-Gate took a turn for the worse when it was announced that Lois Lerner's hard drive had crashed, and subsequently "recycled" so nobody can see two years of IRS terrorism aimed at Tea Party groups.
  If an ordinary citizen had been subpoenaed for their computer and it subsequently "crashed" and was "recycled," the citizen would have been arrested for tampering with evidence and anything else "The Law" thinks they could make stick.
   But "The Law" is not what it appears to be.
   Forget the stereotypical image of the blindfolded woman holding a scale aloft, symbolizing impartiality and fairness. What we have today is far worse.
   The closest analogy I can come up with on short notice is Roland Friesler.
   After the July 1944 attempt on Hitler's life, Roland Friesler was the chief judge who gleefully sentenced hundreds of men and women to death. He is synonymous with "rubberstamping" If you went before his court, you were humiliated, degraded, then sentenced to death. Real nice guy who should have gotten a bullet. Too bad he went out during an air raid. He would have looked GREAT on the Nuremburg gallows.
   The American people are seeing this pattern of abuse. The American people are getting damned sick and tired of having their rights stripped away, their intelligence insulted, and taxed to death by a government that acts more like a dictatorship.
   To my mind, the Obama Regime actually believes the people LIKE being treated like this, trusts the government and will support them unto death.
   I sincerely believe Obama and his Regime don't realize the extent of what they're doing. I really don't.
  He's putting America into a pressure-cooker with his antics. He believes he's going to get away with it because the media, Eric Holder and Harry Reid will keep any intellectual backlash and legal action from his doorstep.
  But yet he does not command the absolute loyalty of the Armed Forces. Tell them to fight for America, the Armed Forces will go do it. Tell them to stop the rioters at the White House from getting in, they're likely to tell Obama to fuck himself, he's on his own.
   And when the pressure is right and people see there is no justice coming forth they will act and "There will be a Democrat in DC like there was a Nazi in Nuremburg on May 8th 1945"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unintended Consequences of CT's gun law or "What Connecticut taught America"

   In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, Connecticut ramrodded/passed a very draconian law on semiautomatic firearms.
   The Connetians (the demonym for a citizen) did not like having to register their guns and said "NO!"
   When they refused, the government growled, snarled and threatened. But they have not enforced the law they proudly championed. As I blogged about earlier, about 250 cops refused to enforce the law.
   To date, Connecticut has NOT confiscated a single firearm or arrested a single citizen. Why?
   Because the citizens outnumber them for one thing.
   The citizens also have guns.
   Citizens across America took note and learned from this quiet example of civil disobedience.
   Fast forward to now.
   In a little town called Bunkerville, an ongoing dispute between rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management came to a head when BLM started rounding up Bundy's cattle to sell to collect "unpaid grazing fees."
   The BLM set up cutesy little "First Amendment Zones" where protesters could be watched and kept far, far away from the main action.
   The citizens tore them down.
   The BLM tazed several protesters and used K-9 dogs to "control" the crowd. It didn't work.
   Several days ago, a call went out to ARMED citizens within driving distance to get to the Bundy Ranch.
   The BLM promptly crapped their pants at the response. Several thousand ARMED citizens took up the call and came running.
   Earlier today, a "deal" was reached and the BLM was to "stand down" but cattle already confiscated were to be sold with the proceeds being put to "grazing fees." This did not set well with the citizen-protesters, who promptly confronted ARMED BLM agents.
   The BLM said they had a court order, ordered the protester-citizens to "leave the area or we will shoot."
  The protester-citizens said "We'll shoot back!"
  The BLM agents realized they were going to get themselves killed and backed down. A little while ago, the BLM pulled out, then RELEASED the cattle they had penned up.
   Right now, it must suck being Barack Obama, because the government has been backed down by the people! He knows what today REALLY means for his Regime.
   The people are waking up and losing their fear of armed, militarized police.
   WE, THE PEOPLE are learning that signing cutesy petitions and patting ourselves on the back for our "concern" won't stop intrusive government.
   The people are learning that when we get off our asses, grab our guns and say "ENOUGH" in one, loud, strong voice, the government listens.    That scares the crap out of Il Douche because if CITIZENS can do this in Nevada today, they just might pay a little visit to Washington, DC in the near future to register their disapproval of his regime.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to fix America's woes in one easy blog.

   Let's face it. America is in serious trouble. Our economy sucks like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
   The Affordable Care Act is turning America's healthcare system into a joke. Our foreign policy is a complete failure. Our borders might as well be unguarded and welcome mats rolled out for all the security we place on our borders.
   We give welfare and other public assistance to illegal immigrants and make our veterans jump through hoops for needed medical and educational assistance.
   How do we fix this?
   It's easier than you think.
   It begins with the economy. If Obama had any brains at all, he would follow JFK's lead and cut taxes, especially on corporations. The US has the highest corporate tax rate on the planet. Doesn't take a "Hahvahd Constitutional Scholar" to figure out nobody goes somewhere to pay higher taxes.
   When you cut taxes, you bring home more profit and are able to take some of that profit, turn it into factories and JOBS, create more product (or provide a service) and thus create more income and pay taxes on that.
  With more jobs comes the employer's need to have a smart, capable workforce. To get that, the employers must offer competitive wages and benefits designed to attract and retain the best and brightest. Get enough employers doing this, and access to health care becomes a problem that could be handled by SERIOUSLY REVISED AND DOWNSIZED Medicare and Medicaid programs.
   One problem with American Foreign Policy is not consistent because our political leadership is not consistent. By "consistent," I mean the goals of the nation are the driving force behind foreign policy decisions, not the politics that get the ruling party elected. Our politicians must remember that our foreign policy will affect ALL American, not just the support groups of a political party.
   The first and foremost duty of a government is to ensure the security of its borders, territories and security of its citizens. America must have a coherent, CONSISTENT immigration policy that works. STREAMLINING the LEGAL immigration process is a start. Deportation of illegals and "anchor babies" is another part of it. Harry Truman did it, why can't we do it today?
   Our borders are a joke. I would do whatever it took, up to and including posting military forces to stop illegal immigrants. Think this is tyrannical? I'm just taking a play from the Communists. The Iron Curtain was (officially) built to defend Eastern Europe from deprived capitalists seeking to take unearned benefits of socialism for themselves. It worked. :)
  End of illegal immigration problem.
  With increased revenues from putting Americans back to work, there will be money to deliver promised benefits to our veterans who have earned them. Those who are injured/wounded will be treated by the best physicians available.
   And it all starts when Americans take off the blinders and see the Democrat party is not what it appears to be. When America throws the Democrats out, sanity will begin to return to our legislative process. Laws that benefit AMERICA, not just the favored few or lobbyists will be passed.
   It all starts with a vote.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you blame them?

   Today, three Secret Service agents were "sent home for being drunk on duty."
   The men were members of the "Counter Assault Team" the people who would fight any rear-guard action against any team assault against Obama.
   To hear people talk, being on this team is supposed to be a great personal and professional "honor," career milestone, etc. But if you look deeper, what you see might scare you.
   People have many motivations to join organizations. I did some basic research and came to my conclusions on why people would volunteer for this dangerous detail.
   1. Career. It is a career-enhancing slot and face it, the chances of ACTUALLY getting shot are rather slender.
   2. Patriotism.
   3. Political belief, i.e. "The President MUST be kept alive because he's the only hope this country has."
   Now, in the past, by and large the Secret Service has a good reputation for professionalism and such. Being trusted to guard the President was an honor.
   Presidents in the past had Integrity and Honor. They embodied, or at least tried like hell to live up to the concept of "Duty."
   That was up until Barack Hussein Obama was elected.
   Let's face it. Would you REALLY consider guarding Obama an HONOR? Would you REALLY be willing to take a bullet for a proven LIAR? Would you REALLY have no problem defending a man who uses governmental agencies to persecute his political enemies?
   Serving Obama is no honor. It's nothing special, except the chances of catching a bullet for Obama are growing higher with every speech Il Douche gives. No, this is NOT a threat, but a very real concept to think about.
   You have a known liar. One who persecutes his political opponents. One who has rigged the system (mainly by appointing corrupt Cabinet members who know damned well to shut up and an Attorney General who knows not to prosecute anything!) to prevent lawful, peaceful redress of grievances and JUSTICE.
   President John F. Kennedy said it best with the line of, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."
   When the citizens see they cannot get proper justice, they will take up arms and justice will become vengeance.
   And that's probably why Secret Service agents are getting blitzed left, right and center. They don't want to die defending an arrogant prick who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
   Can you blame them?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Obama proves his weakness AGAIN (NSFW RANT)

  Today, reporter Jonathan Karl asked a simple question wanting to know if Mitt Romney was correct in his assertion that Russia is America’s number one geopolitical foe.
   Obama said, "Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors not out of strength, but out of weakness."
   Not satisfied with showing off his well-developed idiocy, Il Douche made a Joe Biden-quality gaffe with this statement.
   "The fact that Russia felt compelled to go in militarily and lay bare these violations of international law indicates less influence, not more."
   News flash for the reality-impaired:


   Using this "logic"Hitler would not have annexed Austria or the Sudetenland in Czechslovakia, not with the French having a VERY large army nearby and the British having the largest navy in the world.
   This situation came directly from a WEAK LEADER using the Neville Chamberlain book of appeasement to solve problems.
   How did this weak, ineffective moronic pussy of a leader get into such a position?
   Because there were enough IDIOTS who believed that, "Little Barack Obama grew up overseas and knows more about living overseas than anyone else and knows all about foreign policy from that and that he should just be given the title because he's black, and after all, how can anyone not like his little cutesy face?"
   In short, Democrats bought his line not only once, but twice.
  Anyone who believes growing up AS A CHILD made Obama more competent than McCain in 2008 is a motherfucking IDIOT.
   Now to straighten out Il Douche.
   Barack, if you think you're scaring Putin, think again. While you were leading your "Choom Gang" (bunch of dope-smoking assholes, IMHO), Vladimir Putin was studying Sambo (a Russian martial art), and moving up the ranks of the KGB. Think you're scaring HIM? Vlad could snap your neck, bend you over and butt-surf you before you could offer him a hit on a second-rate doobie. Don't think you're causing him sleepless nights.
   Barack, if you think you're a leader, think again. You are NOT a leader in any way, much less a decisive one. I've seen privates in the Army on their first day of training with more leadership potential than you'll ever show. You are not a leader. You are a "community organizer" and all you've organized is one fucking cluster-fuck after another. You are the circle-jerk without the pivot man. You are the soup in "Soup Sandwich." You are flat out the most inept, inane and incompetent SOB anyone has ever put into the White House. The world is laughing at you and the Democrat Party for your incompetence, weakness, corruption and utter lunacy.
   Thanks to the stupidity of millions, the world is laughing at America.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A few thoughts about Connecticut's gun grab

   In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Connecticut politicians ordered the registration of semi-automatic firearms and magazines. The deadline for registration is long gone and now all eyes are on CT. They PROUDLY passed one of the most anal-retentive gun laws in America and now have to enforce it. As CT residents have had gun control for years, their names are already on registration lists, the police know where to go to confiscate the aforementioned items and arrest the owners. But there are two little problems to Connecticut's wet-dream gun-free Utopia.
   There are up to 150,000 gun owners who refused to comply.
   They are VERY aware of what's going on, and significantly outnumber the cops.
   Governor Dannel Malloy is thinking...Two Words
   He can't back off..he HAS to go through with it because he cannot allow civil disobedience to go unchallenged. The mindset of the government is made abundantly clear in this article.
Do the cops worry about the legality? The morality? Here's one answer:
Lt. Vance's response

  Barring some legislative moment of epiphany and a total repeal of this law, there will be gun-grabbing in Connecticut. There will be bloodshed.
   I'm pretty sure Governor Malloy is now thinking, "Numbers don't matter. My cops can do this. They're professionals."
  Here's a few thoughts.
  I'll word this next bit as if speaking to Governor Malloy.

  Governor, your State Police may be professional, but don't forget the British Army on April 15, 1775 were professionals too. Bunch of half-trained militia sent them back to Boston. There are roughly 1,200 state police in CT. There are (depending on the source) anywhere from 30,000 to 150,000 gun owners who refused to register.
  Do the math.
  Thinking about calling out the National Guard to even the odds and bring firepower to the fight? DON'T.
  How many of those gun owners are in the National Guard? Figure out how many will show up, draw their weapon and disappear.
  Perhaps you think you'll call up Barack and say, "Hey, I need some gun-grabbers to disarm my citizens."
  Barack Obama is an asshole. Never doubt for a second he is a smart asshole. He knows the second he sends anyone to help disarm citizens in CT, the Democrats will lose even more in the mid-terms. Such an action would polarize and energize the GOP base like you've never seen before. Barack won't do anything that will jeopardize his neck--he knows if the DNC loses enough seats in the Senate, he'll be impeached and removed from office and given plenty of time to be "Bubba's Roommate" in Cellblock 13.
  I'm sure there are MANY factors you haven't taken into account. Allow me to acquaint you with a few.
  First, did it ever occur to you that a fair percentage of your police WILL NOT enforce this law because it is un-Constitutional and or immoral? They signed up to protect and serve their communities and state, to enforce moral AND Constitutionally-sound laws, not act as stormtroopers.
  Second, do you REALLY believe the gun owners are going to allow themselves to be taken down one at a time? You will get some in the first days. After your initial success, remember many have military training and combat experience. They will remember and apply that training to defend their freedoms. They will not be passive. They will go on the hunt. They will not be constrained by "rules of engagement." They will selectively apply the lessons taught to them by America's enemies such as the Viet Cong and the insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. Expect IEDs, ambushed SWAT teams, executions of politicians, anti-gun journalists, bureaucrats and cops.
   My suggestion to you is to repeal that law before the first shot is fired. This is a fight you will not win.
   The rest of the nation is NOT behind you.
  The citizens you made felony criminals and now seek to disarm have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The cost of weakness.

   It's been a while since I've ripped libtards a new anal orifice, so I'm going to overdose on it. Put on your scuba suits and such and break out the steam cleaners...there's going to be pieces everywhere.
   The action that has aroused my legendary verbal ire is this:
Hagel plans to shrink military
   "Birds of a feather flock together," my grandmother taught me. "Competence attracts competence."
   In Barack Hussein Obama's quest for power, his lack of military service and exceptionally limited knowledge has attracted INcompetence. Had Il Douche actually had some military experience, he would have picked someone who knows something about the military to be Secretary of Defense.
   Secretary Hagel wants to cut the military budget and shrink the US Army to its lowest level since before World War 2. To quote a Senior Pentagon Official,
   "You have to always keep your institution prepared, but you can’t carry a large land-war Defense Department when there is no large land war."
   Someone wake up Hagel.
   School is in session.
   First and foremost, the days of drafting large numbers of warm bodies to throw at a military problem quickly are GONE. I'll give you an example.
   For centuries, infantry has been considered the dumbest of the dumb, pure cannon fodder. A haven for unemployables. To quote a Libtard Elitist about twenty seconds before my highly-trained hands rearranged his face and mindset in 1985, "Military Service is for losers."
   Infantry isn't cannon fodder. It takes 3 months (12 weeks for you libtards) to produce ONE basic infantryman.
   For the record, "Basic Training" IS NOT "Infantry Training."
   When the next war starts, our future enemies are NOT going to knock on our door and say "Hey America, we're going to attack!" Nope. They're going to attack when it best suits them. They're not going to give us time to build up a military. They will attack until they have achieved their goals. PERIOD.
   Chucky, the lesson to learn here is you need a spine to tell Il Douche the time to have a properly sized, equipped and trained military is the day BEFORE anyone attacks, not the day after. Here's your dunce cap, go sit in the corner, I'll get back to you later.

   If Barack Obama spent more time LEARNING instead of "community organizing" (whatever the fuck THAT is), he would understand what happens when you cut military forces without thinking about it.
   A classic example is the end of World War Two. America went overboard in budget cuts. The Armed Forces that stomped the crap out of imperialism and fascism couldn't react quickly enough to a sudden war in a place called Korea.
   President Truman thought having The Bomb would be enough to deter future aggression. It didn't.
   What was the cost of not being ready? Besides 178,000 dead and over 566,000 wounded? Spend billions and billions of dollars. The West nearly lost South Korea to Communism.
   Barack, here's your dunce cap.

   Barack Obama and Chuck Hagle does not understand the cost of weaknesss. Bet they'd master the lesson if budget cuts included their security details, which is where the next round of sequester cuts should come from!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taking off the gloves.

   Hey everyone,
   Sorry for not posting more conservative thoughts sooner, but life has frankly bitten me in the ass, ripped it off, and gnawed on the rest of it.
   To sum it up briefly, got sick, spent two days in the hospital, then two weeks recuperating and going stir-crazy.
  The Doc says I have to quit smoking if I want to be an active participant in the REAL Second American Revolution, pose for Playgirl and be around to autograph my novel.
  I've spent the past few weeks recuperating, quitting smoking and going stir-crazy. During this period, I've refrained from commenting on political stuff because I'd shame libtards into suicide and that would be considered a "crime" by the current Regime. I'd probably get a drone strike if I did that.
   I have a "clean" bill of health and now it's time to take off the gloves.
   It's brass knuckle time, libtards!
   That's right, I'm back and I'm gonna pummel you with unrelenting logic and make you use whatever braincells you haven't toked, drank, snorted or huffed away and understand the world does not revolve around that worthless POS you people call "President."
   Grab your ankles and hang on...I'm gonna dry-pop your pathetic world.
   For my family, friends and fellow Conservatives, I hope to continue to inform and entertain you with stories from the mainstream media, the "guerilla media" (the small groups the mainstream ignores), and what I can pull up from my own fertile imagination.
   You will see that I'm in my "right" mind, and see what creative talent I bring to a world that needs so much more happiness and joy in it.
  Grab a comfy chair, pour an adult beverage and enjoy the ride.