Saturday, November 30, 2013

You REALLY want to call Conservatives "racist?"

   For the past few years a "racist" has evolved from one who despised a person or group based upon race to "anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama's policies."
   Racist no longer has the "sting" or "stigma" it once had, thanks to millions of mind-numbed Obama worshippers who have misused and overused the word "racist."

   NOTE: The method of "address" will go from "commentator" to "speaking to a liberal Obama worshipper."
   These words are NOT MEANT for Conservatives.
   But if you worship Obama, they're for you.

   You call the Republican Party, the Tea Party, and Conservative movements "racists."
   I can define the DEMOCRAT party as far worse.
   First off, there is no DEMOCRAT party. You bastards have taken up the rallying cry of COMMUNISM, though they hide behing the equally odious names of "Progressive" "Socialist" and "DEMOCRAT."
   The Democrat platform is Communist, through and through. Obama calls for a "redistribution of wealth." Marx said goods and services will be distributed "each according to their needs and abilities."
   Which party endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 and 2012? The Communist Party of the USA. Birds of a feather flock together and shit all over everything that is good and decent about America.
   So you choose a foreign ideology that relies upon lies, intimidation and has to be forced upon the people. The ideology DOES NOT WORK and yet you go on believing it is the thing for America. You are a COMMUNIST. That is the "nicest" thing I can say about you. Wear your cutesy Che Guevara shirt with pride when you start your little wet-dream fantasy revolution--the star makes a GREAT aiming point.

   You still want to call us "racists?" Here's something commonly associated with DEMOCRATS.
   The Conservative movement is not associated with child molesters. To be fair, pedophiles abound in just about every walk of life. But there is a difference. When one is discovered in the Republican side of politics, we get rid of them. We despise child molesters and have no "tolerance" for them.
   You DEMOCRATS accept them in the name of "showing tolerance" or some such crap. If you "accept them" soooo much, why not let a pedophile DEMOCRAT take your kids camping for the weekend? Why not let them stay overnight with a pedophile? Or how about a quiet pajama party? Bet your tolerance doesn't go that far, does it? Or if it does, what does this say about your "committment" to "the children" you allegedly love?
   Guess which group of pedophiles endorsed your Savior and Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama?
   NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association.
   Your Savior and Messiah has been endorsed by child-molesters. Way to go, Democrats. You got some real winners in your corner! (sarcasm)
   But we're the "racists" for pointing that out, right?

   "Useful Idiots" is a term often attributed to Vladimir Lenin, one of the icons of Communism. Useful Idiots are easily led fools who would NEVER support a goal if they truly knew what it was. (Example, John McCain sometimes supports Obama, possibly in the belief Obama wants to do the right thing for America. But in reality, Obama wants to destroy America and all it stands for.)
   Today, "Useful Idiots" are known as "Low-information voters." The "Low Information Voter" is someone who supports DEMOCRATS, but cannot give a serious intellectual reason behind it, such as "economic policy." Politics has to be kept simple for them. If they aren't attracted to the DEMOCRAT party, they won't vote. If they are given too much information, they might realize DEMOCRAT and COMMUNIST are one and the same and join the GOP, Tea Party or Libertarians. "Hope" and "Change" were the big campaign slogans in 2008. "Foward" was the biggie in 2012.
   What does this say about your intellect? It doesn't say much because if you researched the issues and cast a different vote, America would be a much better place to live.
   I've labeled you "COMMUNIST," "PEDOPHILE LOVERS" and "USEFUL IDIOTS" and proven my points.
   But let's get back to "racism."
  Prove our "racism" if you dare. We have Dr. Benjamin Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Republicans put African-Americans into Congress in the 1870's.
   You DEMOCRATS had to wait until 1935 to do it.
   History proves me right on this one too.
   Must really suck being a communist, pedophile supporting useful idiot that is so racist its about 60 years behind the Republicans.
   Quod erat demonstratum--the facts speak for themselves, and the facts are on my side.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A few thoughts about JFK

   Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas.
   I was 16 months old when JFK was shot. Mom told me I was sleeping when she heard the news on the radio.
   I really don't know "much" about him, but what I do "know" makes me wish all Presidents could be like this.
   Let's start.
   First, he was a badass in his own right. He served on a PT (patrol torpedo) boat. Basically, take a small fast boat, put a couple of machine guns and two torpedoes on it, paint it gray and send it out to fight bigger ships. In the early days of the war, the Imperial Japanese Navy was a highly trained, well-disciplined, "professional" navy that was exceptionally-skilled in night-fighting. It takes BALLS to get in a little boat and patrol in waters pretty much owned by the IJN. Nobody can deny that took courage. Courage is something ALL Presidents need.
   Fast forward to his Presidency.
   He stood up to the Soviet Union. He essentially told them "Get your fucking missiles out of Cuba OR ELSE." There was a trade (US missiles out of Turkey), but he stood up FOR AMERICA and did what he was elected and paid to do.
  America was having some serious financial issues. He words to the effect of, "It's not going to be easy, but we CAN fix the economy!" And he did. His first step was LOWERING TAXES. Lower taxes to him meant more people would spend/invest money in the economy and therefore the economy would grow. It worked.
   He wasn't without his policy flaws. Bay of Pigs could have gone so much better than it did, but he was reluctant to give air support to Cuban rebels (armed and trained by the US) and help them overthrow Castro. While the Bay of Pigs failed, it sent a message that he wasn't taking any crap.
   JFK loved America AND the Constitution. 

   Gotta love a President that owned AUTOMATIC weapons and didn't try to ban, restrict them, etc. JFK understood the Constitution and what it meant!
   JFK was a dreamer who believed in American exceptionalism.
   He made a speech to Congress asking to fund NASA and a manned flight to the Moon. Previous Presidents had gotten us into orbit, but it was JFK who decided it was time America took the lead. His vision ultimately shown the world AMERICA could do whatever it set its mind to do. He got the funding and America went to work and achieved the goal of putting men on the Moon before 1970. He didn't say "the world" or "a coalition" or "The UN" like politicians today would do. He said "AMERICA" and he meant it!
   JFK made lots of quotes, but his best one (to me) is prophetic because he believed in free speech, justice, etc.

   All in all, most people feel "positive" about JFK because he epitomized what was GOOD about America. Tough, caring AND obeying the Constitution.
   Future Presidents should use JFK as a role model on how to LEAD America. They could do a lot worse.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Keep it up, Democrats.

   Today, the Senate decided to change centuries of the way it "did business" when it comes to judicial nominations.
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) changed the rules. In the past, 60 votes were needed to confirm a judge or appointee. Now it's 51 votes.
   The procedure was changed simply to prevent fillibusters, which are used to prevent less-than-ideal candidates from taking the power.
   Fortunately, this is only for appointees and judges. It does not impact the way the laws are passed---FOR NOW.
   I have no doubt that the first chance Reid gets, he will "go nuclear" once again. Given Il Douche's love of gun laws, he might drop the 60 vote requirement to 51 (using the nuclear option) and try to ramrod another gun law through.
   Keep it up, Democrats.
   You're only making the voters and gun owners madder and 2014 is coming.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

April Dawn: Similarities and a couple of questions

   I was surfing around Netflix on Sunday and I came across a 1980's era "made for TV" "Coming of age" movie named "April Dawn."
   The movie is set in April, 1775.
   It starts with a roadblock and a local patriot named Solomon has his horse and wagon searched by British troops. They find, powder, shot and a musket. Solomon catches a beatdown and the British confiscate the horse, wagon and everything in it.
  Cue in Tommy Lee Jones, a standard hardass father trying to raise his 15 year old son to be a man. Cue in youngish kid actor trying to be a man and woo his romantic interest.
  Jones' character is a member of the local militia who does not wish to fight, but will if needed. When the militia musters after Revere's ride, the son stands in line though he's only 15. Jones' character allows the son to join and muster in.
  Cue in the scene of 70 odd patriots standing with muskets in the green, facing the best army in the world at that time.
  Solomon (hiding behind a low stone wall) fires the shot heard around the world.
  Enough about the movie. It's good. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.
  The roadblock thing...sound familiar? Today they call it a "DUI checkpoint" or "unscheduled safety inspection" or whatever the hell they want. Question: Where is the probable cause? (guess THEY say being on the road is cause enough.)
   A recurrent theme in the movie up until the fighting started sums up like, "I do not want to kill my fellow man, but I want to stop the tyranny."
   I see a similar attitude throughout the various pages, chatrooms and websites.
   The question: Are people saying this because they're afraid of being arrested, or are they saying it because they are sincere to make bloodshed the final option?

My thoughts on Obamacare--and MY SOLUTION would be BETTER!

   Yes, I'm going to comment on the Obamacare thingy once again.
   Thirty-six times Obama said, "If you like your doctor (or healthcare plan), you can keep it. Period."
   Before The Great Obamacare Rollout, Obamacare was synonymous with Il Douche and His Wonderful Vision of Screwing Transforming America.
   (note: the term "Obamacare" is used when the system looks good so as to make Il Douche look better)
   Officially, there were "glitches." Let's get something straight here. A "Glitch" is a minor issue, such as when you click on your gender, the opposite gender shows up. A "Glitch" is something annoying and can be fixed relatively quickly. What we have is nothing less than a full-blown, all out circle-jerk without the pivot man.
   It took the Democrats a year to pass the Affordable Care Act, (note: when things look BAD, Democrats and their lapdog media types use "Affordable Care Act" to distance Our Holy Il Douche Messiah from this epic failure),then another three to get it into place and when it was launched, the website didn't even make it three hours on the internet before crashing from its defects. 
   In comparison, the sinking of the Titanic was a brilliantly conceived, well-planned, coordinated event.
   It  took three years to build the Titanic. The Titanic sailed for 3 days without a problem before hitting the iceberg.

   Il Douche says the "Affordable Care Act" is a good plan and will be popular with Americans. 
   According to HHS Secretary Sebelius, only 106,000 people were able to sign up for ANY healthcare.
   In contrast, 2,000,000 people have chlamydia, which makes it more popular than Obamacare. (and hopefully, a lot more fun to get!)
   Now that I've vented my spleen, time to show the world how (triumphant fanfare) THE NAKED CONSERVATIVE (end triumphant fanfare) would provide healthcare cheaper, better AND without interfering with personal privacy, patient confidentiality, etc. if I were President.
   First would be to get back the money wasted on the website, the call centers, etc. I'd get back EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Plus penalties. I won't pay for lousy service. I demand refunds for defective workmanship or materials.
   Take that money (up to 638 million dollars) and bank it.
   Divide that money by 317 million CITIZENS.
   That comes out to 1.9 million and change per person.
   Issue each CITIZEN a "medical FLEX card" that can be used ONLY to buy insurance, pay for glasses, braces, dental, and deductible. The only "non medical" bill permitted would be a funeral (cremation or basic casket, your choice. If you want frills, you can pay for them yourself). Citizens would get a hell of a lot better coverage than from Obamacare. They could choose the plan that suits them best, or just use the FLEX card and pay direct.
   Obviously, my solution is "rough" and would need work, but I think it makes a hell of a lot more sense than Obamacare does.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why I WON'Tuse the P-word and Il'Douche's name together.

   Regular readers of The Naked Conservative will note I am no fan of Barack Hussein Obama. One of my favorite names for him is "Il Douche," a play on the Italian phrase of "Il Duce" used in conjunction with Benito Mussolini.

   Note the upturned nose, the arrogant sneer, the haughty disposition.

   Again, note the haughtiness, the arrogant sneer of someone who clearly thinks he's "better" than everyone else. Like father, like "son."

  Blend the two together, you get about the same leadership capabilities and arrogance. "Duce" means LEADER.
  A douche refers to a feminine hygiene product or a slimeball human being. If there's a name to describe Barack Obama, "Il Douche" is it.
   Many ask "What is the P-word?"
   Being Presidential means more than having a majority vote on your side. Being Presidential means you are percieved as being reasonably intelligent, mentally and morally strong, patriotic and exhibit suitable leadership qualities.
   Bill Clinton was a better President because he at least got budgets passed ON TIME. For right or wrong, Clinton did actually WORK WITH Congress to push his agenda. While I do not believe Clinton was a "great" President, he did a far better job than Obama did because he could find common ground with Republicans.
   Clinton had a better "scandal" record. I need a second computer to keep up with Il Douche's scandals.

   Obama (aka Il Douche) believes he is Emperor, King, Dictator, whatever. He thinks the sun rises because he wills it, and all is well. He clearly believes we humble slaves should just fall to our knees and kiss his ass by the numbers until he becomes the "Maximum Leader for Life" or some such dictatorial BS title.
   When Il Douche's quest for gun control was solidly rebuffed by the Senate, he abused his Executive Order powers to inflict as much harm on the Second Amendment as practical.
   When the government shut down, Il Douche didn't try working with the House and Senate. From his "oratorial mouth" came invective designed to anger the masses. Words like "terrorist" and "subversive" filled the airwaves. Il Douche didn't do "what he could" to minimalize the damage.
   Il Douche acted like a petty tyrant. He blocked off the WW2 Memorial and others "to make the shutdown as painful as possible."
   This is not the action of a PRESIDENT.
   That is why I will NEVER use the honorific of "President" in reference to the current inhabitant of the White House.
  He hasn't done anything to prove he's worthy of being called "Mister President."

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Union Stupidity Knows No Bounds

   In the aftermath of the LAX shooting, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has proposed arming TSA agents. To quote Politico, "Union leaders say the enhanced status would help protect an unfairly demonized workforce."
   UNFAIRLY DEMONIZED WORKFORCE? Who the hell are these unionized clowns kidding?
   TSA started off with a blaze of glory. They were going to prevent future 9-11 attacks by tightening up security. Oh yeah, they were going to be that thin line between the good citizens and terrorists. They were going to prevent mayhem at 30,000 feet.
   What they became is different from their public image.
   First off, they are poorly screened. Convicted criminals, including PEDOPHILES have been hired. Here's a pic of their favorite book:

Over 400 TSA agents have been fired for THEFT.
    One notable sexual harassment incident had a "nicely built" lady going through the scanners SEVERAL times while TSA agents commented on how hot she looked. If I was her boyfriend or husband, there would be some TSA agents missing teeth--at least.
   TSA was supposed to provide TRANSPORTATION security, primarily at airports. They've expanded their "scope" to bus stops, train stations, SHOPPING MALLS, public events and even a high school prom. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell a shopping mall, a high school prom and the Democrat National Convention qualifies as TRANSPORTATION.
   The TSA has "Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams" that go to bus stops and train stations to "augment security." These jerkoffs call it VIPER, as if it were a deadly snake, but in reality, they couldn't find a whore in a brothel, much less do anything meaningful with her.
   They did so well screening AMTRAK forbid them on Amtrak property. What does that say about TSA's "competency?"
  Another incident I read about had me at the boiling point and only reinforced my belief TSA is completely inept.
   Plane of troops returning from Iraq. The troops were screened in Iraq before getting ON the plane. They were to stop at Indianapolis long enough to drop some National Guard troops off and continue on. The other troops would remain on the plane.
   The troops were pulled from the plane, RESCREENED (mind you, these guys had WEAPONS), for "contraband" such as fingernail clippers, then put back on the plane. When asked why they didn't say anything about the WEAPONS the soldiers had with them, the TSA said "Weapons aren't any good without ammo."
   Hey, TSA dumbasses, let me enlighten you to the concepts of "Buttstroke to the head" (a good hit with an M16 butt CAN cave a skull in), "vertical buttstroke to the head" (break a jaw), "buttstroke to the groin" (you'll sound like Michael Jackson afterwards) and the "smash" (when the buttstroke is driven smack into the face, breaking jaws, teeth, etc.).
   I didn't create their reputation--THEY did all on their own.
   It's been reported (I can't remember the sources) that the LAX shooter had a grudge against the TSA. Oh, gee whiz. I can't possibly imagine why ANYONE would think poorly of an agency routinely compared to the Gestapo.
   Does the AFGE truly believe its a good idea to give these bozos guns and law enforcement status or is it another way to get more government stormtroopers guns in anticipation of the Second American Revolution?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Unintended Consequences and Revolution

   Years ago, John Ross' novel Unintended Consequences shocked the BATFE so bad they allegedly went to bookstores and told the owners "Don't sell this book--OR ELSE." Shotgun News put out a $10,000 reward for video proof of this happening. Shortly after the reward was posted, the harassment stopped...for a time.
   At first I thought the reward was a way to boost sales.
   After publishing the book, Mr. Ross went through a divorce. BATFE agents approached his soon to be EX wife and started questioning her about his friends in the Second Amendment community.
   Things that make you go "HMMMMMMMMM."
   Why would the BATFE do such things?
   Because John Ross wrote a historically accurate novel chronicling the "Saga of the American Gunowner" from the days when owning a gun was like owning a horse. Everyone had one. When marksmanship was an honored sport and nobody looked askance at gun owners.
   Contrast that to today when nibbling a pop-tart into a gun shaped pastry will get a kid suspended from school.
   But that's not WHY the BATFE was harassing bookstore owners.
   The protagonist is Henry Bowman, a geologist with a passion for guns. While house-sitting for a friend, the BATFE decides to raid. Bowman kills most of the agents and interrogates two others to learn the raiders intended to plant evidence on his friend.
   Henry goes to war with the help of a few friends. They go right for the heart of the matter--killing anti-gun politicians in embarassing ways. Inspired by these few, others take up arms and the war spreads beyond killing BATFE agents and statist politicians. Bureaucrats are also on the kill-list.
   THAT is what the BATFE is afraid of. Someone might decide to use this plan and thin out the herd some.
   There's LOTS of talk of rebellion and revolution online. Undoubtedly, the government would love to see patriots go toe to toe with the assembled forces of the DHS and some units of the military that might (emphasis on MIGHT) be convinced to fire upon Americans.
  In reality, the war will be fought quietly and in such a way to deny the government their wishes. This book shows in a fictional way how to go about it.