Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Left says "We're Scary."

Dear Lefties,
   Ever since the election of Donald Trump (Translation: Hillary got her ass whipped), you have been doing your "best" to show your disapproval.
   To date, Antifa has tried some fist fights/attempted riots. And they got their asses beaten. The "pussy hat brigade" has been crying, doing the primal scream therapy thing. What has that gotten you, except laughed at?
   Ever since the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Left has gone to new extremes in their application of "mob rule."
   You think you're "scary" and promise "revolution" and threaten to take it to the street.
   You don't know what gender you are, what bathroom you need to use, think pedophilia is "acceptable" and anyone who disagrees with you is lower than whale shit. The "beta males" in your group spend more time talking "revolution" in the local Starbucks and primping their "man buns" than being MEN.
   Do you non-gender specific practitioners of "mob rule" REALLY think we're scared?
   Back in the day when your parents decided to weaken the gene pool, there was this group of people called the SOVIET UNION. They were not nice people. They imprisoned and murdered millions of people simply because they could. The Soviets wanted to take over the world. It didn't happen because we were fully prepared to turn (then) Western Europe into a glass parking lot and shoot any survivors. They eventually figured out we meant business and decided to give up while they still could.
   We grouchy old farts SCARED a nuclear-armed, militaristic society into rethinking their priorities, not you.
   Do you have THAT level of "scariness" in you? Are you tough enough to spend days in your protective suit--even urinating and defecating in it if you had to--to get the chance to shoot a Communist? Are you man enough to take a bayonet and stick 8 inches of steel into his guts and hitting downward to loosen your blade (and disembowel him)? Can you survive without the 100 lb. survival pack complete with Wi-Fi server?
   We can. And more.
   Millions of us learned these lessons in the best schools at taxpayer expense. Uncle Sam taught us many skills--and didn't spend one minute "unteaching" them. Millions more of us put many of our skills to good use in the various "brushfire wars" and the War on Terrorism. Did you learn these skills, or did you just talk trash at Starbucks and compare your "man buns?"
  All you have gotten from us is some mild anger and lots of laughs at your proclamation of "scary tough."
  Give it up, children.
   You aren't even in our league.