Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why voter competency testing should be mandatory.

   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand America is in serious trouble.
   I will not pull punches.
   Both Democrats AND Republicans are responsible for setting policies that were not wise or good for America!
   How we GET OUT of this mess IS the point.
   In the end, America is in trouble because of two things. First is Barack Hussein Obama.
   The President sets the "tone" and "agenda" for his Administration. When a President picks/nominates COMPETENT/professional Cabinet members who know what their departments are supposed to do and how they should be doing it, the bureaucracy runs reasonably well.
   Obama has NOT chosen his subordinates well. They do not do their jobs well, and spend more time covering their incompetence than proving their competence.
   The second "thing" that contributed to our situation are the voters who put Obama & Company in office.
   When you elect idiots who choose fools, you cannot expect a functioning goverment to remain functioning. When you elect partisan hacks more determined to secure reelection than make America a viable nation, you cannot expect AMERICA to move forward.
  We need to cull the "low information voters" from the voter ranks. What is a "low information voter (LIV)?"
  To me, a LIV is one who has to look at his skin color to remember who to vote for. Another example of an LIV is someone who votes for a candidate because "he's cute." (no joke, I know a gal who voted for clinton in 94 for that reason--then watched her freak when he passed a tobacco tax that put her family out of the tobacco business!)
   To this end, I propose a test be created.
  Nothing complex, no getting too deep into an issue. For instance, gun control. Candidate A wants to ban all guns. Candidate B wants to ban some guns. Candidate C wants no ban on guns.
  The voter must know what each candidate stands for. It's that simple.
   Bringing competency back to government--THAT's the hard part.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A few thoughts on Obamacare

   The Washington Times says Obamacare has been amended or DELAYED 19 times since its unholy inception.
   Wait a minute! (screeching brake sound)
   Wasn't this law supposed to make health care accessible and affordable for all, create jobs and contribute to the economy?  Obama (aka Il Douche) has said this more than once. Why would he delay the employer mandate (meaning employers MUST provide health care insurance or pay a fine) for a bill sooooo good? Why would he exempt himself, Congress, unions galore and anyone who leans left of center? Hell, this is his "signature achievement." (Remember Jokin'Joe Biden saying, "This is a really big F***ing deal")
   Obama prescribed "ObamaCare" as a means to promoting a healthy economy, fixing an outrageously expensive medical system and making health care affordable.
   Obama isn't smart enough to see cyanide is not healthy for a patient and Obamacare is not healthy for America.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Removing RINOs

   We heard their conservative promises. We believed them enough to elect them. The conservative Republicans who were elected to promote and defend conservatism turned RINO.
   RINO is an acronym for Republican In Name Only. It means a Republican who promotes Democrat-Socialist-Communist-Liberal ideas. A key example is Senator John McCain (R-AZ). He recently supported Il Douche's (Obama) call for military strikes on Syria. Never mind such strikes would support Al Qaida. Never mind the PEOPLE know that and oppose any military involvement in Syria. McCain rolled over and put his ass in the air for his constituents to kiss.
   What do we do with RINOs when we find them?
   The natural response is to get them the hell out of office before they do any more damage. Therein lies the problem--and the RINOs favorite protection. It is hinted at, creeps into conversations around the fringes of political discussions within the party and is never spoken aloud.
   Summed up, the unspoken stuff goes like this:
   "If you tie me up in a primary with a more conservative candidate, I'll have to spend my war chest to defeat him, then I will be vulnerable to the Democrat's fund-raising and lobbying machines. I might be a RINO--but you'll get a Liberal if you support my opponent."
   The solution to a RINO is not easy to apply. 
   Step One: Identify the RINO.
   Step Two: Identify, locate and recruit a VETTED Conservative candidate.
  Step Three: Support that vetted candidate in every way practical. Continue that support until victory or defeat.
   If Conservatives are to survive the political battles in DC, then we must send those with the courage to stand up to the enemy.

Guns and mental illness

   After the Washington Navy Yard shooting, debate about gun control started briefly. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) was on the news pushing her draconian gun control measure before the bodies were cold.
   A closer look shows that Bill Clinton made military bases "gun-free zones" twenty years ago. Washington, DC is notorious for its anal-retentive gun laws. In light of these facts and the current political balance, bans on firearms, ammunition, magazines, etc., won't go anywhere.
   Then it was learned the shooter had some "mental issues," to put it politely now the anti-Second Amendment types have their new focal point.
   It's safe to say that everyone agrees psychotics should not be allowed access to weapons. This is common-sense thinking. The anti-gun faction will use it and abuse it to no end.
   What IS the definition of "DEBILITATING mental illness?"
   That is the problem.
   The anti-gun faction would take "normal" problems people have (relationship issues, loss of loved ones, etc.,) and exaggerate the potential for violence as a means to disarm citizens, thereby advancing their anti-gun agenda.
   This has been happening to veterans for years. When this issue goes "mainstream," those needing help will not seek help for minor problems before they become major ones.
   Sometimes people need help with a problem so they can move on, become a better person, etcetera.
   The anti-gun crowd doesn't see that. They only see the agenda they're pushing. They don't want to see the pain they're inflicting on those who won't seek help out of fear of being disarmed and stigmatized.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What you get when you elect a "community organizer."

   Tonight, I'll share a few thoughts why INTEGRITY is one of the most vital things to consider in a President.
   The President is SUPPOSED to set the example for his subordinates (i.e. staff), government officials and ultimately the American people.
   Integrity summed up: 
   Tell the truth--even if it costs you. Better to tell an unpleasant truth now than get caught in a lie later. An unpleasant truth/'reality check' can be forgiven. A lie cannot be untold.
   Accept responsibility for your actions and the actions of subordinates working under your direction. Don't try to weasel out of it by using phrases,"I was taken out of context" or "I was misquoted."
   Stand up for what is RIGHT, not "what is politically expedient."
   Stick to your agenda. Change it ONLY if it is illogical or factually wrong. (ex. "Gun control works." Then you learn it DOESN'T work and change your stand. This shows you're not afraid of facts.)
   Expect your subordinates to follow your lead.
   Make the best decision with the best information available. The Presidency is about being the go-to guy for making decisions, such as military raids and such.
   How can we tell if a President has integrity?
   First, by his choice of Cabinet members. Were they picked for their expertise/education in a particular field (ex. A school teacher selected for Secretary of Education), or were they picked because of race, gender, religion? Or were they picked because nobody else wanted the job?
   If they were picked for the former, that means they probably have integrity and will follow the President's example. If not, you have a mess in Washington, DC.
   Take, for instance, Former SecState Clinton.
   What did she DO to earn the Secretary of State seat? Did she negotiate peace somewhere? Or is she there because she's a woman and Obama needs the woman's vote?
   America NEEDS a LEADER.
   What did we get?
   Nothing. We got absolutely nothing.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trust me and other great lies. (as seen by Il Douche!)

     Trust me! I am not against the 2nd Amendment, just against guns.

   I am not a dictator. I use executive orders because my policies are too warped and destructive to get anyone to vote for them.

   Weapons of war don't belong on the streets. Ignore the HKMP5 submachine guns, the REAL M-16 rifles, and the big sniper rifles in .338 Lapua and .50 Browning. They're for MY security.

   Nobody needs weapons like these. You voters are nobodies. If I let you have weapons, you might be tempted to think like citizens. If I piss you off enough, you might actually "man up" and save America from me. That's why I have to take the weapons NOW--before my back gets put against the wall. Only the screened, lower-class "elite" may possess weapons. The rest of you are nobodies who serve the elite. Don't like it? Man up or suck it up.

   We have a free and independent media. Never mind it kisses my ass to perfection on a daily basis, it's free in name only. When that hottie Diane Feinstein gets her "journalist definition" bill to my desk, I'll shut down those throwback journalists who actually investigate and report news. I will ensure the mainstream media has profession continuity as long as they kiss my ass to perfection and ignore my scandals.

   That's just a few of the Greatest Lies of all times as told by Il Douche.
   All hail the Douche!


Friday, September 6, 2013

R.I.P Ann Crispin

     Ann Crispin (writing as A.C. Crispin), was a major science-fiction writer. Two days ago, she gave her "Farewell" post on Facebook.
     She died this morning after a 2-year battle with cancer.
     Her expertise in writing "backstories" was renowned. When LucasFilms wanted a backstory on Han Solo, Ann was the one who wrote it. She wrote the backstory on Sarek, Spock's father for the Star Trek universe, and most recently wrote "The Price of Freedom" for the Pirates of the Caribbean, detailing Jack Sparrow's life before he became a pirate.
     She knew that aspiring writers were vulnerable and was a co-founder of Writer Beware , a resource tool to prevent aspiring writers from falling victim to unscrupulous and/or fly-by-night publishers, literary agents, "editors" and "author mills."
     When she wasn't doing that, she taught writing workshops and guided many a young writer in the right direction. One won a Nebula (MAJOR sci-fi prize) for her work, and many others have gone on to "published author" status.
     With writers like me who've benefitted from her mentoring and friendship writing (and still pushing to be published), her influence will be felt for years to come.
     Unscrupulous publishers and scam artists hated her and "Writer Beware" with a passion because Ann exposed them for the slime they were and in doing so, made the literary world a better place. Victoria Strauss says Writer Beware isn't going bye-bye because Ann is gone--it's still going to expose the slime.
     The two things I remember best about Ann was her professionalism in writing and her sense of humor. She took pride in her art and did her best to pass along tips and tricks of the trade to aspiring writers.
     I met her in AOL's "Author's Lounge," a sort of haven for writers, artists and general hangers on. I didn't place the name at first, though I had her Han Solo Trilogy of books. In time I got to know her from her posts and chatting with her about writing and such.
     She offered to critique "the first fifty" pages of "Miru's Lesson." After reading it, she gave me some valuable pointers, and more importantly told me what I did right. Too many writers focus so much on correcting what they do wrong they often screw up what IS right.
     After the critique, I began to revise Miru's Lesson and had a problem. Like most writers, I "fell in love" with my own words and didn't want to cut some stuff out.
     I asked for some advice on how to go about editing in the Author's Lounge. I'll never forget her words, because it was appropriate AND hilarious at the same time.
     "Scott, you're on the right track in questioning 'how much to cut'. Basic rule: If it detracts from the plot or doesn't advance it, dump it. I know you don't want to slash your opus magnum, but now you have to accept reality, MAN UP AND START CUTTING!"
     What can you say to that except, "Yes, Ma'am" and take the advice of a pro?
     Armed with the knowledge, I cut and chopped and did all the writer stuff. Wasn't easy, but it did make me a better writer because I learned not think every word I wrote is Shakespearean-quality literature.
     I look back on these words and know the world is just a little poorer because she's no longer with us. I miss my friend.
    Rest in peace, Ann.



Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bomb Syria---PLEASE

     Imagine: Congress grows a pair and votes NO to give Obama his little war.
     But, since the All-knowing Expert-in-everything Il Douche has spoken of red lines, he decides to "go it alone" (he has France, but the Foreign Legion doesn't have airplanes) and bomb the crap out of Syria anyway.
    Who will benefit from the bombing?
     First and foremost will be the "Rebels" aligned with Al Qaida. While they won't get close air support against units opposing them to help them win ground, they WILL get 60-90 days of "Command and Control" attacks.
     "Command and Control" or C2, means attacking leadership and communications essential to controlling a nation's armed forces. If you destroy enough C2, the enemy cannot control its forces effectively and an underdog can wipe them out or make them tactically useless.
     If you can find ALL of the C2 sites, you can bomb them and with luck, kill Assad.
     This brings up a point from a previous post? What happens when Assad loses control of his chemical weapons? Where will they go? It was bad enough Assad had them in the first place, but at least, he controlled and protected them.
     Imagine those WMDs in the hands of Al Qaida. While 9-11 was bad enough, a sarin-based weapon in the hands of terrorists who can read a weather report is worse.
     Now, do we REALLY want to give Al Qaida WMDs? Il Douche does.
     That's why we're having this little exercise.
     The American People will benefit also. Launching missiles according to General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "is an ACT OF WAR" (emphasis mine). If Obama decides to act without authorization, that IS a CLEAR, UNDENIABLE violation of the Constitution.
     Impeachable offense. So clear and unabiguous that not even MSNBC can deny it. It's all over the news. Il Douche won't be able to defend himself against impeachment because it's public knowledge HE GAVE THE ORDER.
     Go ahead, Obama. Bomb Syria.
     That will save America!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today's thoughts and something for Obama to ponder.

     Where do I start today's blog?
     Good news on Friday. Doc says I don't need the crutches anymore, but I'm still in a knee brace and essentially unable to stand for long periods of time. Two to three weeks of going slow, reevaluation, and if that goes well, off comes the knee brace and I'll be allowed to start getting back into the "swing of things" again.
     I planned on going to the March on DC, but at best, I'll hamper my recovery and possibly wind up making my knee worse. At worst, I'll present one hell of a slow-moving target should TSHTF in DC. The slow moving on today's battlefield gets the bullet first.
     If you can get to DC or Virginia, GO! This can become one of the pivotal moments in American history!
     The March on DC is very important to me. Since I can't go now, I'm doing everything I can to ensure its success. Don't be surprised if you haven't heard about it. The Ministry of Propaganda (formerly known as the 'Mainstream Media') does not want to show those who seek Obama's impeachment and removal from office on TV.
     If you want details of the Impeach Obama march, here's the link: The Patriots Guild

     Actor James Woods made one hell of an astute statement concerning Britain's refusal to join Our All-Bombing Savior Obama in his Quest to Distract the Low-information voters.

     Well said, Mr. Woods.

     I'm still pushing the EMarch on Washington DC since I can't make it now.
     I created the EMarch for those whose life situations, health, finances and location prevent them from actively participating. I feel it's better to do SOMETHING than do NOTHING. The goal is simple. Send as many E-mails, phone calls, faxes, etc to our elected representatives to show our disapproval of their job performance and to have Der Messiah Obama impeached AND REMOVED from office. Here's the link:Emarch on Washington DC
     This link will provide you with the overall goal, schedule, Memes, E-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers of our representatives, the IRS, NSA, DoD and Secretary of State.
     Join us and help make America a better nation for ALL!

     I started the Naked Conservative as a means of expressing my personal and political opinions. This is America, and I have the right to speak my mind. While I'm NOT a professional journalist, I believe I AM a somewhat-member of the "new media" by virtue of this blog.
     I share news. I write op-ed (opinion-editorial) pieces, some of which are actually AHEAD of the "paid, professional" media Op-Ed people. Yesterday, I explained WHY I believed Assad did NOT commit the chemical warfare attack on Syria. Today, words to the same effect were posted/published on more established or mainstream media sites.
     Enter Senator (SenaWHORE) Diane Feinstein (D-CA), who seems to think only "paid, credentialed" people should be considered "Journalists" and only "Journalists" should receive protection/immunity from prosecution for protecting their sources.
     In response, the Society of Professional JOURNALISTS attempted to change their name to Society of Professional JOURNALISM. The vote to change the name failed on the first try, but it will be back.
     While discussing the possibility of a name change, a regional director, Michael Koretzky, said, “SPJ’s name doesn’t accurately reflect its current membership because many members and even many SPJ board members are not professional journalists.”
    Stuff THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Senator Feinstein!

     Look at these thumbnails. Four servicemembers saying NO to Syria.
     The Ever Wise Obama should look VERY closely at these pictures. Those who "fight at his behest" are giving him a clear message.
     What is driving this sign of disobedience?
     It's not cowardice that pushes them to post these pictures.
     It's not politics that motivates them to make a statement.
     It's an understanding of the situation that goes beyond sound bites and press briefings.
     Obama is required to get Congressional approval for such an action. He has said if he doesn't get the approval, he's going anyway.
     Obama had better think long and hard about this picture.
     My military career covered the span of 5 Presidents (Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush). Not even during the Clinton years did we hear such dissent from the troops! NEVER. This is a sign the troops do not like, trust or respect Obama's judgment.
     If the Armed Forces are giving him the finger just at the possibility of fighting an illegal war, just imagine their response if he gives them an order to fire on American citizens.
     To the Awesomenest Holy Mommy-Daddy Nobel Peace Prize Winning Rockstar Barack Obama, I offer these words of advice to handle Syria.
     Apply your Benghazi Option.
     Shut the hell up and STAND DOWN!