Monday, July 29, 2013

A few thoughts on our "Nanny-State Regime and its "leaders"

     What I am about to say comes as no surprise.
     America is in BIG trouble.
     We have a President who couldn't lead a drunken sailor to a bar, much less a nation in crisis. Obama's constant failures  leave no doubt that he is absolutely incompetent at best and dangerously subversive at worst. He spends his time denying the denials of the retractions of the denials and looking for something to distract the standard couch-potato, low-information voter that wants "free stuff" rather than FREEDOM.
     Frankly, I've seen more leadership displayed from Basic Training Privates on their second day than I've seen from Obama and his Regime in the past four and a half YEARS!
     We have an Attorney General who selectively enforces the law. (Hey, dumbass! The 'Lady Justice' statue has a blindfold to show the law is blind to race, creed, religion, etc.) The job is to oversee various law enforcement agencies to pursue JUSTICE, not a political agenda. Want proof? Go to a voting area with a club and threaten black voters. See how fast Attorney General Holder has you arrested. But when it came to the New Black Panther Party doing the same thing, he buried it.
     We have a Vice President whose intellect wouldn't overload a bridge made from soggy toilet paper. Dumbass voters kept him in office and complete idiots put him one heartbeat away from the Presidency. If that happens, Joe Biden becomes:
A: The man with his finger on the nuclear trigger of the United States.
B: Control of the world's finest military.
C: The man people hope has an answer or a plan. (Since its Joe Biden, he's the man people hope he has a vague clue!)
D: All of the above.
     Leon Panetta, the "Secretary of Defense" (I really gotta wonder whose ass he kissed for that promotion. I could do a better job than he--mainly because I'm a multi-service (Army and Navy) veteran and understand WHAT THE MISSION IS.
     When Panetta says words to the effect of "We're not in the business of sending troops in harm's way when we don't know the situation," that tells me that boy probably doesn't know a muzzle from a buttplate. If battlefield commanders used this logic to hold back reinforcements to units in contact (attacking or defending), we would have a record worse than the French Army.
     Ben Bernanke prints money and claims our economy is improving. Never has America had this long of a "recession," nor has America have millions more on welfare or drawing Social Security benefits EARLY.
     Can you HONESTLY say America will remain the strong, proud, AND FREE nation it once was? Can you honestly say America will be better in 2016?
     How can we stop the death spiral America is on?
     First and foremost, we must have LEADERSHIP based on COMPETENCE, not popularity.
     Competence/incompetence goes downhill. If a leader is competent, his followers will be competent. If a leader is INcompetent, that incompetency will show in his subordinates.
     Compare Obama to ANY President in American History. I don't think the level of incompetence, corruption, disdain/disrespect/disregard for the Constitution from past Presidens can match Obama's.
     Second, we must follow the Constitution.
     It's the instruction manual on how to properly run the United States of America. Clearly Obama cannot read the directions (because it's cursive?), and refuses to let someone read the directions to him.
   Obama/Biden MUST GO. The Constitution shows us how to remove bad leaders--LEGALLY. We THE PEOPLE must put the pressure on the House and Senate to investigate the "scandals" (felony crimes) and if the fingers point to Obama/Biden, impeach them, get them out of office before they do more harm.
     To this end, we must push the House and Senate toshow some BALLS (or intestinal fortitude) and begin the proceedings.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Gangsta's Death....and two legacies

     Trayvon Martin's father, Tracy wants to name a gun control law after his "innocent son."
     Let's be completely honest here.
     Had Zimmerman started the fight, then fired his gun when he was losing, it would be murder. The law does not allow you to pick a fight. The law does not allow you to pick a fight, then use deadly force when you're rightfully getting your ass kicked.
     Tracy Martin wants us to forget "young, innocent Trayvon" threw the first of many punches. BY LAW, that makes him the "initial aggressor." Following someone is NOT aggression. Nobody can dispute Martin approached Zimmerman.
     Tracy Martin wants us all to forget that beating someone's skull against the ground is as deadly as using a rock. 
     Frankly, Trayvon broke the law. The "media narrative" before the trial of a young, innocent kid packing Skittles and tea was sorely intended to inflame racial tensions and influence potential jurors.
     The media narrative is still driving the racial tensions from this incident and gun control. 
     Tracy Martin's narrative of "innocent, young kid minding his own business" doesn't stand up to the pot smoking, ho-dissing, finger-flipping, gun-flashing (called "fronting") images on Martin's cellphone.
     Trayvon Martin got a gangsta's death. His legacy is being an eternal object of scorn and derision. Summed up it is, "Little wannabe gangsta thought he could play badass and got what he deserved."
     His parents have a legacy now. They failed as parents.
     When I was 14, I had to get a signed note from my parents to participate in the JROTC rifle team (SUPERVISED ACCESS of a single-shot 12lb .22 target rifle). What kind of a parent lets a 17 year old have unsupervised access to a 9mm semiautomatic handgun?
     What kind of a parent lets a 17 year old have a tattoo? I knew only of one 17 year old when I was growing up who had a tattoo only because he joined the Army at 17 and came home on leave.
     My parents would have skinned me alive if they caught me smoking pot.
     It's clear Tracy Martin wants to avoid personal responsibility by honoring a wannabe gangsta and disarm law-abiding citizens.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Phony Scandals"

     Today in Galesburg, Ill, The Rockstar Holy Messiah Barack Obama said: 
     “With an endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington’s taken its eye off the ball,” he said in a campaign-style speech. “And I’m here to say this needs to stop. This needs to stop. Short-term thinking and stale debates are not what this moment requires. Our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that the matter most to you – the people we represent.”
     Gee, I guess Brian Terry is the first step of the endless parade of distractions. He's the Border Patrol agent who was killed with a gun provided to Mexican drug cartels by none other than the "gun police" (aka Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).
     Guess Obama doesn't want to talk about his political posturing on 9-12-2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods doesn't think being left to die under questionable circumstances constitutes a phony scandal.
     I could go on with the list of "phony" scandals, but I'll stop with those. For the interested, this link lists eight of the top scandals and controversies. TOP SCANDALS
     Obama's speech reminds me of a child facing his parent after being caught doing something wrong. Like a child, Obama says It's NEVER his fault, he didn't know, it's always someone else's fault and when pressed to name those who are at fault, he instantly blames Bush, the Tea Party, Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, etc.
     Obama said "This needs to stop."
     Damn right it needs to stop.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


     This week there are two pressing stories to comment on.
     Last year, The Great Money-Dispensing Messiah Obama said "We did not let Detroit go bankrupt."
     Last week, Detroit went bankrupt. The White House paid liar (Otherwise known as the Press Secretary) Jay Carney said there was no plans for a federal bailout for Detroit.
     Translated: "F*** you, I don't need your 16 electoral votes anymore. You're on your own--suckers!"
     Right now, all the union types and assorted liberal-minded social scientists are trying to figure out WHY Detroit went bankrupt.
     I don't have a college degree, but I can tell you with a high degree of confidence WHY Detroit has gone (in my mind) from the Motor City to "Moron City." Here's how it happened.
    1. When Detroit had MASSIVE car factories and LOTS of jobs, the city got loads of tax money. "Back in the day" they could afford to pay exhorbitant wages to city workers to compete with the exhorbitant wages paid to unionized auto workers. It was a "win-win" situation for the unions.
     The unions loved it because more union laborers means more union control, and the unions did not compromise when trouble loomed in the future (Give us more money!). When the car factories went elsewhere, the auto workers went elsewhere too and took their tax dollars with them. With the reduction in population, there was a reduction in other businesses such as grocery and hardware stores. More tax dollars lost and Detroit retained its obligation to continue paying union salaries and benefits.
   2. When the Big Three automakers moved factories, people lost their houses and went elsewhere for work, resulting in less money coming into Detroit's coffers because nobody was paying property taxes. Those who worked in Detroit moved outside its reaches to spare themselves higher taxes.
   3. With the loss of jobs and the tax revenue, there are fewer first responders than before. Detroit resembles a broken-down Third World capitol rather than a modern city. Who the hell would want to live/work/raise a family in a shithole where it takes police 58 minutes to respond? (nation wide, the average is 11 minutes.) I cannot name a responsible person who would want to live in such conditions.
     Here's a little side-note.
     DEMOCRATS have been in charge of Detroit since January 2, 1962.
     Over 51 years of Democrat control, policies, union politics, etc.
     The truth is clear. Piss-poor leadership, bad management practices, giving the unions EVERYTHING they asked for, etc. is what caused Detroit's bankruptcy.
    That doesn't matter.
    Haven't you heard? It's all Bush's fault!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Things I wonder about.

     10: If Obama has "nothing to hide" (and therefore nothing to worry about), why are his transcripts and school records sealed?
     9: If Obama claims to know nothing about Benghazi, why doesn't he hold a REAL investigation on it?
     8: If "gun-free zones" are an effective crime deterrent, why don't we make the White House a "gun-free zone" to "save the children?"
     7:  Why don't we enforce the immigration laws we already have before asking for new ones?
    6: If we have no money because of sequestration, how did Obama go on vacation?
    5: If ObamaCare is so damned good, why did Obama delay its implementation for businesses for a year?
    4: If being "half-white" makes someone a "cracka," (which is a BAD thing), does this not mean Obama is a "cracka?"
   3: Why did Obama invoke "executive privilege" to essentially end the "Fast & Furious" scandal?
   2: If Obama says "those with nothing to hide have nothing to worry about," why did Lois Lerner invoke the 5th Amendment?
  1: What does Edward Snowden REALLY know?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How Obama can use the Zimmerman trial for his own means--AGAIN.

      A few moments ago, a Sanford, FL jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter. Not guilty means George Zimmerman cannot be tried for those crimes ever again, due to the double jeopardy clause in the Constitution. He's free, right?
    Not so fast.
    It is possible Attorney General Eric Holder could charge Zimmerman with a "hate crime," since Trayvon Martin was African-American. While Zimmerman could NOT be charged with murder or manslaughter, he could be charged with violating a wannabe gangsta's "rights" because he didn't want to get beaten to death.
    The American Holy Messiah Mommy-Daddy Barack Obama said long ago, "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin." Thus, the jury was expected to convict.
     Now that Obama's racial narrative has been smashed into tiny pieces, the egg is on The Holy Purest One's face. (how dare that multi-racial jury use their brains to think? The Rock Star Vacationer in Chief has spoken!)
     Imagine the late-night comedians' monologues. "Obama's kid was a pot-smoking, hoodie-wearing, gun-flashing, finger-flipping wannabe gangsta who picked a fight with the wrong man."
    The only way to stop that is to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime, which will distract the low-information voters from Fast&Furious, IRS-Gate, EPA-Gate, NSA-Gate and Benghazi.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who's the terrorist?

     During a rountable forum with Tanzanian businessmen, one of them asked a question concerning domestic unrest in the U.S.
     Our Vacationer-at-Large, the Holy Barack Messiah Rockstar Obama, had this to say about the Tea Party.

     "Typically domestic terrorists in the U.S. are people who cling to obsolete believes from the time of the American Revolution."They are conservative Christians, reactionary Republicans and conspiracy theorists many of whom belong to racist hate groups.
     "Tea Partiers commonly own guns and stock up ammunition and food in anticipation of anoither civil war to overthrow the will of the governing body that represents all the American people. We are prepared for any contingency and don't expect to see any kind of large insurrection. Americans are capitalists who are much more interested in seeing America move forward. These terrorist groups are small in size and really present little danger."
     Let's take a GOOD look at what he said. Pay attention Liberals, you are about to get an education.

     "Typically domestic terrorists in the U.S. are people who cling to obsolete believes from the time of the American Revolution."
     What is so obsolete about Free speech? (1st Amendment) The right to keep and bear arms? (1st Amendment) The right not to have soldiers quartered in your home? (3rd Amendment) The right to privacy and not have your home searched without a warrant? (4th Amendment) The right not to self-incriminate (5th Amendment) The right to face your accusers in an OPEN court. The right to a speedy trial. (6th Amendment) The right to have civil claims over a certain amount tried by jury and for appeal. (7th Amendment) Protection against excessive bail, unreasonable fines and cruel and unusual punishment (8th Amendment) Rights not imagined or defined in the Bill of Rights are NOT to be denied the people (9th Amendment) And any powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the respective STATES or the people themselves (10th Amendment).
   Clearly Obama, that self-declared "Constitutional Law Scholar" needs to read the Bill of Rights. According to His Wimpiness, holding to the Bill of Rights is the mark of a terrorist. Guess the Presidents before him were terrorists, as they actually honored their oath to protect the Bill of Rights.
     "Conservative Christian? Conspiracy Theorist?"
     These don't fit many Tea Partiers I know. The 1st Amendment grants freedom of RELIGION. I know there are conservative Christians, Wiccans, Pagans, Jews and many other religions in our ranks. We don't give a damn about who practices what religion. We are here to DEFEND AMERICA from the despicable rot that comes from complacency. We are AMERICANS.
     "Reactionary Republican?"
     Frankly, the Tea Party scares the shit out of the Republican Party. We hold ourselves to a stricter standard. For us, elected officials WORK FOR US, not the other way around. WE believe holding office is a sign of trust. It is a duty to be taken seriously, performed well, and was NEVER intended to be a career. If the Tea Party gets their way, we would have TERM LIMITS, to keep the fresh ideas coming in and citizens leaving before they get addicted to the money/power politics.
     "Conspiracy theorists, many of whom belong to racist hate groups"
     According to Barack Hussein Obama, a conspiracy theorist is someone who doesn't swallow the Obama Kool-Aid. Conspiracy theorists usually get it wrong, but on occasion, they DO get it so right it's frightening. There's left-wing conspiracy theorists also. Just mention the "grassy knoll" to them in a discussion of JFK and watch them start spewing their favorite theory.
     Obama tends to overlook Sen. Ted Cruz (Hispanic) and Allen West (African-American/Black). They're Tea Partiers. There goes the 'racist' angle. All Obama has done is badmouth political opponents from abroad, behind a solid shield of personal bodyguards.
     If the Tea Party is a terrorist organization, why hasn't Barack Hussein Obama (the man who KILLED Osama Bin Laden) declared us as such? Oh...guess we're NOT terrorists.
     If the Tea Party is a terrorist organization, would the All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Bullshittingnest BITCH of all times, Barack Hussein Obama kindly list the attacks perpetrated by the Tea Party? None? Oh, looks like Obama knows nothing--again.
     You can bet your life if you knew a terrorist that had SUCCESSFULLY attacked a Federal facility, you would be on a no-fly list, put on a Secret Service watch-list anytime The Biggest Asshole came to your town, have the NSA crawling up your phoneline with all its computers and be forbidden to own guns.
     I don't know any terrorists. If anything, the Tea Party websites I go do do their BEST (believe it or not) to discourage violations of Title 18, Section 872 (pertaining to threats to the President). The Tea Party wants Obama out of office, make no mistake about that. To that end, we will do everything and anything LEGAL to make it so.
     Barack Obama knows a terrorist. He's buddies with a guy named Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers bombed the Pentagon. Barack Obama uses his powers to target political opponents, like a terrorist. You see Barack Obama talking about "contingency" plans to "deal with them". (Bet your ass if I said I had a contingency plan, I'd be hearing a knock on my door.)
     Who has a kill list?
     Who has aided and abetted the murder of Americans overseas?
     Who has tried repeatedly to muzzle and disarm Americans?
     Barack Hussein Obama.
     The greatest terrorist of all.