Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unintended Consequences of CT's gun law or "What Connecticut taught America"

   In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, Connecticut ramrodded/passed a very draconian law on semiautomatic firearms.
   The Connetians (the demonym for a citizen) did not like having to register their guns and said "NO!"
   When they refused, the government growled, snarled and threatened. But they have not enforced the law they proudly championed. As I blogged about earlier, about 250 cops refused to enforce the law.
   To date, Connecticut has NOT confiscated a single firearm or arrested a single citizen. Why?
   Because the citizens outnumber them for one thing.
   The citizens also have guns.
   Citizens across America took note and learned from this quiet example of civil disobedience.
   Fast forward to now.
   In a little town called Bunkerville, an ongoing dispute between rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management came to a head when BLM started rounding up Bundy's cattle to sell to collect "unpaid grazing fees."
   The BLM set up cutesy little "First Amendment Zones" where protesters could be watched and kept far, far away from the main action.
   The citizens tore them down.
   The BLM tazed several protesters and used K-9 dogs to "control" the crowd. It didn't work.
   Several days ago, a call went out to ARMED citizens within driving distance to get to the Bundy Ranch.
   The BLM promptly crapped their pants at the response. Several thousand ARMED citizens took up the call and came running.
   Earlier today, a "deal" was reached and the BLM was to "stand down" but cattle already confiscated were to be sold with the proceeds being put to "grazing fees." This did not set well with the citizen-protesters, who promptly confronted ARMED BLM agents.
   The BLM said they had a court order, ordered the protester-citizens to "leave the area or we will shoot."
  The protester-citizens said "We'll shoot back!"
  The BLM agents realized they were going to get themselves killed and backed down. A little while ago, the BLM pulled out, then RELEASED the cattle they had penned up.
   Right now, it must suck being Barack Obama, because the government has been backed down by the people! He knows what today REALLY means for his Regime.
   The people are waking up and losing their fear of armed, militarized police.
   WE, THE PEOPLE are learning that signing cutesy petitions and patting ourselves on the back for our "concern" won't stop intrusive government.
   The people are learning that when we get off our asses, grab our guns and say "ENOUGH" in one, loud, strong voice, the government listens.    That scares the crap out of Il Douche because if CITIZENS can do this in Nevada today, they just might pay a little visit to Washington, DC in the near future to register their disapproval of his regime.