Friday, February 28, 2014

A few thoughts about Connecticut's gun grab

   In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Connecticut politicians ordered the registration of semi-automatic firearms and magazines. The deadline for registration is long gone and now all eyes are on CT. They PROUDLY passed one of the most anal-retentive gun laws in America and now have to enforce it. As CT residents have had gun control for years, their names are already on registration lists, the police know where to go to confiscate the aforementioned items and arrest the owners. But there are two little problems to Connecticut's wet-dream gun-free Utopia.
   There are up to 150,000 gun owners who refused to comply.
   They are VERY aware of what's going on, and significantly outnumber the cops.
   Governor Dannel Malloy is thinking...Two Words
   He can't back off..he HAS to go through with it because he cannot allow civil disobedience to go unchallenged. The mindset of the government is made abundantly clear in this article.
Do the cops worry about the legality? The morality? Here's one answer:
Lt. Vance's response

  Barring some legislative moment of epiphany and a total repeal of this law, there will be gun-grabbing in Connecticut. There will be bloodshed.
   I'm pretty sure Governor Malloy is now thinking, "Numbers don't matter. My cops can do this. They're professionals."
  Here's a few thoughts.
  I'll word this next bit as if speaking to Governor Malloy.

  Governor, your State Police may be professional, but don't forget the British Army on April 15, 1775 were professionals too. Bunch of half-trained militia sent them back to Boston. There are roughly 1,200 state police in CT. There are (depending on the source) anywhere from 30,000 to 150,000 gun owners who refused to register.
  Do the math.
  Thinking about calling out the National Guard to even the odds and bring firepower to the fight? DON'T.
  How many of those gun owners are in the National Guard? Figure out how many will show up, draw their weapon and disappear.
  Perhaps you think you'll call up Barack and say, "Hey, I need some gun-grabbers to disarm my citizens."
  Barack Obama is an asshole. Never doubt for a second he is a smart asshole. He knows the second he sends anyone to help disarm citizens in CT, the Democrats will lose even more in the mid-terms. Such an action would polarize and energize the GOP base like you've never seen before. Barack won't do anything that will jeopardize his neck--he knows if the DNC loses enough seats in the Senate, he'll be impeached and removed from office and given plenty of time to be "Bubba's Roommate" in Cellblock 13.
  I'm sure there are MANY factors you haven't taken into account. Allow me to acquaint you with a few.
  First, did it ever occur to you that a fair percentage of your police WILL NOT enforce this law because it is un-Constitutional and or immoral? They signed up to protect and serve their communities and state, to enforce moral AND Constitutionally-sound laws, not act as stormtroopers.
  Second, do you REALLY believe the gun owners are going to allow themselves to be taken down one at a time? You will get some in the first days. After your initial success, remember many have military training and combat experience. They will remember and apply that training to defend their freedoms. They will not be passive. They will go on the hunt. They will not be constrained by "rules of engagement." They will selectively apply the lessons taught to them by America's enemies such as the Viet Cong and the insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq. Expect IEDs, ambushed SWAT teams, executions of politicians, anti-gun journalists, bureaucrats and cops.
   My suggestion to you is to repeal that law before the first shot is fired. This is a fight you will not win.
   The rest of the nation is NOT behind you.
  The citizens you made felony criminals and now seek to disarm have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The cost of weakness.

   It's been a while since I've ripped libtards a new anal orifice, so I'm going to overdose on it. Put on your scuba suits and such and break out the steam cleaners...there's going to be pieces everywhere.
   The action that has aroused my legendary verbal ire is this:
Hagel plans to shrink military
   "Birds of a feather flock together," my grandmother taught me. "Competence attracts competence."
   In Barack Hussein Obama's quest for power, his lack of military service and exceptionally limited knowledge has attracted INcompetence. Had Il Douche actually had some military experience, he would have picked someone who knows something about the military to be Secretary of Defense.
   Secretary Hagel wants to cut the military budget and shrink the US Army to its lowest level since before World War 2. To quote a Senior Pentagon Official,
   "You have to always keep your institution prepared, but you can’t carry a large land-war Defense Department when there is no large land war."
   Someone wake up Hagel.
   School is in session.
   First and foremost, the days of drafting large numbers of warm bodies to throw at a military problem quickly are GONE. I'll give you an example.
   For centuries, infantry has been considered the dumbest of the dumb, pure cannon fodder. A haven for unemployables. To quote a Libtard Elitist about twenty seconds before my highly-trained hands rearranged his face and mindset in 1985, "Military Service is for losers."
   Infantry isn't cannon fodder. It takes 3 months (12 weeks for you libtards) to produce ONE basic infantryman.
   For the record, "Basic Training" IS NOT "Infantry Training."
   When the next war starts, our future enemies are NOT going to knock on our door and say "Hey America, we're going to attack!" Nope. They're going to attack when it best suits them. They're not going to give us time to build up a military. They will attack until they have achieved their goals. PERIOD.
   Chucky, the lesson to learn here is you need a spine to tell Il Douche the time to have a properly sized, equipped and trained military is the day BEFORE anyone attacks, not the day after. Here's your dunce cap, go sit in the corner, I'll get back to you later.

   If Barack Obama spent more time LEARNING instead of "community organizing" (whatever the fuck THAT is), he would understand what happens when you cut military forces without thinking about it.
   A classic example is the end of World War Two. America went overboard in budget cuts. The Armed Forces that stomped the crap out of imperialism and fascism couldn't react quickly enough to a sudden war in a place called Korea.
   President Truman thought having The Bomb would be enough to deter future aggression. It didn't.
   What was the cost of not being ready? Besides 178,000 dead and over 566,000 wounded? Spend billions and billions of dollars. The West nearly lost South Korea to Communism.
   Barack, here's your dunce cap.

   Barack Obama and Chuck Hagle does not understand the cost of weaknesss. Bet they'd master the lesson if budget cuts included their security details, which is where the next round of sequester cuts should come from!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taking off the gloves.

   Hey everyone,
   Sorry for not posting more conservative thoughts sooner, but life has frankly bitten me in the ass, ripped it off, and gnawed on the rest of it.
   To sum it up briefly, got sick, spent two days in the hospital, then two weeks recuperating and going stir-crazy.
  The Doc says I have to quit smoking if I want to be an active participant in the REAL Second American Revolution, pose for Playgirl and be around to autograph my novel.
  I've spent the past few weeks recuperating, quitting smoking and going stir-crazy. During this period, I've refrained from commenting on political stuff because I'd shame libtards into suicide and that would be considered a "crime" by the current Regime. I'd probably get a drone strike if I did that.
   I have a "clean" bill of health and now it's time to take off the gloves.
   It's brass knuckle time, libtards!
   That's right, I'm back and I'm gonna pummel you with unrelenting logic and make you use whatever braincells you haven't toked, drank, snorted or huffed away and understand the world does not revolve around that worthless POS you people call "President."
   Grab your ankles and hang on...I'm gonna dry-pop your pathetic world.
   For my family, friends and fellow Conservatives, I hope to continue to inform and entertain you with stories from the mainstream media, the "guerilla media" (the small groups the mainstream ignores), and what I can pull up from my own fertile imagination.
   You will see that I'm in my "right" mind, and see what creative talent I bring to a world that needs so much more happiness and joy in it.
  Grab a comfy chair, pour an adult beverage and enjoy the ride.