Sunday, December 23, 2018

Facebook "Community Standards."

I am posting this as I received another "Facebook Ban" from those purveyors of "free speech."
What I posted:

"I received a notice that a post made 3 YEARS AGO violated community standards and was removed."

I posted "I made a comment about ISIS and how "sympathy" falls between "shit and syphilis" and that I had none for ISIS. It's okay to kill ISIS, but not okay to degrade them? Heaven forbid I have angry feelings towards terrorists who kill Americans, encourage the killing of Americans and support the killing of Americans. 

Bet your ass if I'd said something derogatory about any Conservative, Republican or Libertarian, Facebook would have applauded me for my wit and done nothing. Makes you wonder who's in charge of their "Community Standards." Sharia-law adherents? Democrats? Communists?

Makes me wonder if some enemies of America work for Facebook on their "Community Standards" team.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Californication of America

     The mid-term election is over. Some are packing their offices, others are packing to move in. I would say most of the elections were MODERATELY fair. A few were probably tampered with, fortunately, not to any effect.
     The worst abuse happened in California. Two years ago, Gov. Brown signed AB1921, which legalized the so-called practice of “ballot harvesting.” Previously, only a family member or someone living in the same household was permitted to drop off mail ballots for a voter, but the new allowed anyone – including political operatives – to collect and return them for a voter. How hard is it to readdress the ballot, put in the vote of your favorite candidate and submit it?
     This is how Democrats took all but a few California seats.
     Legal under the law. Moral? Not so much, but that's not how the future of America will be changed.
     First the Democrats take office.
     California is a Democrat haven. No way is there going to be a "Republican Revolution" on Election Days to come. The Democrats have the majority and will keep it by any means, fair and foul.
     Then they pass the laws required to keep that power. They pass the laws they want passed. They appoint the judges, raise the taxes, spend the money. The citizens get the tax bill and screwed. With the right politicians appointing the judges, ultimately, a legal option is out. Free speech? Standard politician game of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" applies.
     Gun control keeps politicians alive. Think about it: If bad politicians started dropping like flies, replacement politicians would understand the correlation between "good politician"  "bad politician" and the lifespan to prove it. Which is why California has some of the most anal-retentive gun laws in America.
   I'd like to say "That's ONLY California," make a pithy comparison between California and Granola and ignore everything west of the San Andreas Fault.
     Look at your own towns and you will see California isn't an aberration. It's the test bed for Democrat rule of America.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Why YOU should be concerned about Voter Fraud

     Why should you be concerned about "voter fraud" happening--especially in "other states?"
    Let's look at what voter fraud TRULY is.
    An election goes by the simple rule of "Majority of votes decides who wins the elected office."
   In THEORY, the party with the best or most popular candidate (or the best/most popular campaign platform) would win the majority of the votes and therefore earn the right to LEAD or GOVERN our nation.
   The Democrats always say they respect "the will of the people" when they win an election. They proclaim, "WE have a MANDATE" and all that. But what happens when they cannot get a majority of the voters on their side?
   They create them.
   So far, one Senator, Martha McSally of Arizona has lost the race because of a slew of votes.
   In Georgia, Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Adams (D) is overcoming an insurmountable margin.
  In Florida, Rick Scott (R) and Bill Nelson are in a tight race for Senator. In Broward Country, all sorts of ballots are magically being found and Nelson is "conveniently" catching up.
   When a party resorts to cheating to win, what are they saying? They are saying, "You don't count. Shut up. We don't care about anything except the power to further control you."
   That's why they are willing to risk prison sentences. For the power.
   It's not about "who gets to make the rules." It's about making sure the LAWFULLY ELECTED PEOPLE get to make those rules. If you don't care about that, fine. Just don't whine when someone makes a law you don't like and voter fraud was ignored.

   Since 2016, President Trump has nominated TWO Supreme Court Justices. This return to Constitutional law upsets Democrats, who know the laws they managed to get through before will face the 'litmus test" of, "Is this law Constitutional?" Democrats have a different perception (to put it politely) about what is "Constitutional."
   The ability to write/interpret laws to their liking is the PRIME goal of getting their candidates in. First they will reinterpret "hate speech" into "anything they don't like and with a Supreme Court that doesn't understand/respect/follow the Constitution, that law will be declared "Constitutional" and there will be no repeal of that.
   Part of gaining power is to tax citizens. Democrats have never voted "no" on tax hikes. Give them enough power, they will tax you back into the poorhouse. Think you can fight a tax hike with a lawsuit? They could/would own the court.
   Along with those laws the Democrats love, gun control. If they had their way, only police, military, "SELECT" citizens and possibly Hollywood would have guns. Think you'll fight a gun law with their "stacked" Supreme Court? Remember, THEY could/would own the court.

   Voter Fraud is a tool of taking power. Ignore the little people and smother their REAL vote with a dozen fake ones. They only need to get enough candidates in to make the laws they want. Democrats learned the hard way in 1946 why it's important to make the laws as fast as they can. (Hence the cry for "gun control" in 2018.)

   In 1946, in Athens, TN, servicemen were routinely robbed (under the guise of "arrested and fined") by the local "Sheriff" They got sick of that and put up their own party to remove the Democrat-backed Sheriff.
   Here's the link: Battle of Athens

  When the ballots were taken into the jail under armed "guard," the GIs had enough and took up arms to seize the ballots and count them publicly. The Democrats learned citizens with guns aren't going to put up with BS.
   They haven't forgotten that.

   Seventy-two years later, they demand more Gun Control, because the Second Amendment is the FINAL method of restoring freedom.
   They haven't forgotten that either.

  They know leaving guns in the hands of CITIZENS is a grave threat to their power. They made that mistake in 1946.

  They won't make the same mistake again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Left says "We're Scary."

Dear Lefties,
   Ever since the election of Donald Trump (Translation: Hillary got her ass whipped), you have been doing your "best" to show your disapproval.
   To date, Antifa has tried some fist fights/attempted riots. And they got their asses beaten. The "pussy hat brigade" has been crying, doing the primal scream therapy thing. What has that gotten you, except laughed at?
   Ever since the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Left has gone to new extremes in their application of "mob rule."
   You think you're "scary" and promise "revolution" and threaten to take it to the street.
   You don't know what gender you are, what bathroom you need to use, think pedophilia is "acceptable" and anyone who disagrees with you is lower than whale shit. The "beta males" in your group spend more time talking "revolution" in the local Starbucks and primping their "man buns" than being MEN.
   Do you non-gender specific practitioners of "mob rule" REALLY think we're scared?
   Back in the day when your parents decided to weaken the gene pool, there was this group of people called the SOVIET UNION. They were not nice people. They imprisoned and murdered millions of people simply because they could. The Soviets wanted to take over the world. It didn't happen because we were fully prepared to turn (then) Western Europe into a glass parking lot and shoot any survivors. They eventually figured out we meant business and decided to give up while they still could.
   We grouchy old farts SCARED a nuclear-armed, militaristic society into rethinking their priorities, not you.
   Do you have THAT level of "scariness" in you? Are you tough enough to spend days in your protective suit--even urinating and defecating in it if you had to--to get the chance to shoot a Communist? Are you man enough to take a bayonet and stick 8 inches of steel into his guts and hitting downward to loosen your blade (and disembowel him)? Can you survive without the 100 lb. survival pack complete with Wi-Fi server?
   We can. And more.
   Millions of us learned these lessons in the best schools at taxpayer expense. Uncle Sam taught us many skills--and didn't spend one minute "unteaching" them. Millions more of us put many of our skills to good use in the various "brushfire wars" and the War on Terrorism. Did you learn these skills, or did you just talk trash at Starbucks and compare your "man buns?"
  All you have gotten from us is some mild anger and lots of laughs at your proclamation of "scary tough."
  Give it up, children.
   You aren't even in our league.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Question for those with Trump Derangement Syndrome

     I have a question for all those who suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome."
    What will you do when the Democrats CANNOT impeach President Trump?
     The "unbiased mainstream media" shows "The Blue Wave" is coming to "take back" the House and Senate. (The same media that said Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide.)
     Presuming this is right for discussion's sake, what happens THEN?
     It takes a simple majority in the House to pass Articles of Impeachment. (This is the easy part, given it only takes a majority.)
     It takes a supermajority in the Senate (67) to successfully impeach Trump. To take control of the Senate, Democrats must hold the 9 seats they currently have AND win 2 from the Republicans to have a majority of 51. This is 16 votes shy of the supermajority required to impeach. Barring a REAL crime sufficient enough to get 16 Republicans to vote for impeachment, impeachment will NOT happen.
     Having explained the legal mechanics of impeachement (and why it won't happen) in simplistic terms, what will those who suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome" actually do?
     They talk tough.
     They cry, wail, wear funny little hats, and do primal scream therapy to the sky.
     A few actually think they're "hard core" fighters. See them all the time on YouTube, getting their asses kicked in Portland, Seattle, Berkeley and any other place they dare confront citizens. Yet I notice they don't bring guns, yet threaten "revolution."
     If "Trump stole the election," why haven't you grown a set of balls and started the revolution with the purpose of putting in "the rightful winner named Hillary Clinton?" (sarcasm). If the country's future is THAT IMPORTANT to you, you will revolt and "do the right thing" (sarcasm) and "set things right" (more sarcasm).
     Aren't you all eager and willing to install Her Rightful Holiness Hillary to her Promised Office and steer America towards a Socialistic/Communist existence where everyone gets everything for nothing?
     Stop talking and start doing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For You Whiners

   The election is over and done. Naturally, there will be some bitching and griping. Everyone is entitled to bitch, whine and gripe. I've done it, you've done it, no problem.
   I have a problem with the "dedicated" whiners. They take whining, trolling, threats, harassment, etc., to a new level. This is dedicated to them, not the average person whose candidate lost. Here goes:

   Your candidate lost and now you have no idea what you want to do, but you want to lash out, act out and let us know you're not happy with the election results. Here's what you can do.

   1:Back in the day, we embraced the suck and accepted the election results. Nobody stomped their feet, quit a chat room, "unfriended" someone or burned down a town. We acknowledged our side lost and continued our normal lives. Those who were more "active," vowed to "limit the damage" by normal means such as petitions, getting active in politics, etc.
   To the "new breed" of "whiners" who threaten to move to another country, I say this:  America doesn't need "fair weather citizens." America needs citizens who will STAY and work within the system to change things. If the results of the election are offensive enough to make you move, it shows your lack of commitment to the USA and its institutions.
   I spent 8 years under the Clinton Regime and 8 more under the Obama Regime. I stayed, done what I could to protect the Constitution and get Republicans elected. Since the whiners lack the fortitude, I say this:
   Pack your shit, renounce your citizenship and MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE USA. DON'T COME BACK.

  2: There's undoubtedly a few whiners who see themselves as hardass bomb-throwing, look-you-in-the-eye-while-they-kill-you types. Fine. Time for you whining little pussies to MAN UP, STACK UP and DO IT. Put on your cutesy Che Guevara shirts (the red stars make awesome aiming points). Stop talking. Start doing. PROVE you're hardasses. We'll settle this.

  3. There's a special sub-species of "whiner." Millenials. Those young 18-20 somethings whose parents never "told them NO," punished them, and thought X-Box and the Net were suitable replacements for proper parenting. Their parents fed them a diet of liberalism instead of feeding them useful information about life, societal needs and mores, and individuality/self-reliance. Their families raised PUSSIES. Best thing to cure that is join the Armed Forces. You will be challenged, get a crash course in life, societal needs and mores. You will see the world and understand that not everyone likes America and would enjoy killing all of us. You will understand the value of hard work and develop a proper work ethic. You will become an adult.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few predictions and a word to remember.

   I waited a couple of days before blogging to let my "political high" die down a bit.
   Now that the "high" is down, time to ask some serious questions and gaze intently into my crystal ball.
  Here's a few predictions:
   1: From now to Jan 2nd, Obama is going to go batshit crazy. He has two months to ramrod whatever he can of his socialist/pro-Islamic agenda down our throats before a new Congress and Senate takes over,
   2: Obama will have to replace Attorney General Holder before the current rubber-stamp Senate leaves and the GOP-controlled Senate takes over in January. If he doesn't, the new AG will be questioned on what would he do to investigate the scandals of the past 6 years.
   3: Expect a FLOOD of executive orders. Obama will try executive ordering things while he still has a rubber-stamp Senate. It will be his last chance to do much of anything without opposition.
   Once the new GOP-controlled House and Senate convenes, the ball is in their court.
   A few more predictions:
   4: Don't expect miracles. It takes 67 votes to override a veto or impeach Obama. While the GOP/Tea Party victories were awesome, we simply don't have enough votes. Short of His Royal Islamic Highness molesting his kids on the White House lawn in front of the media, he's pretty much home-free.
   5: Expect to see SOME legislative movement in the Senate. Bills Harry Reid didn't put on the floor will get at least a hearing. GOOD bills will get a vote and then the ball is in Obama's court. If he vetoes it, he better have a damned good reason WHY. "Just because" isn't good enough.
   6: I've heard Harry Reid might not have enough votes to be the MINORITY leader. His "non-action" on the aforementioned bills cost many Democrat Senators their elections because they didn't have a chance to vote on issues and show their stuff.
   7: I would not be surprised if Reid changes the procedural rules to stop a fillibuster. At one time, it took 60 votes to end a filibuster. Harry Reid changed it to "majority vote only" so the Democrats could end filibusters and "get on with business." Expect Reid to change it back before the GOP can take over again.
   8: Expect NO gun control bills to even get sent to committee for the next two years. The GOP knows not to screw with the 2nd Amendment. I do expect Chairman MAObama to try pushing for it and resorting to executive orders to get it. (maybe this will slow down demand for ammunition and reloading components!)
  9: Expect the Democrats to start plotting/planning, etc on how to regain what they threw away. Expect them to do everything they can to obstruct and block progress.
   10: Think Obama is "toxic" now? Give him two years of not signing bills passed by the House and Senate. His fundraising abilities will dwindle as will his popularity. Showing up in battleground states cost him the Senate. When the Presidential campaign season kicks off, his stumping for a candidate will be the kiss of death.
   The word Obama should remember is MANDATE.
   Obama says "his Mandate" is bigger (2/3 of voters did not vote).
   If it was so big, why is he suddenly talking about "compromise"?
   The word is MANDATE.
   The people have given the GOP a MANDATE to fix broken government.