Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here's a FU to NSA, Facebook, and anyone else who wants to track you online

     In light of the NSA spying scandal people are becoming aware that their "digital lives" are not private. What makes it worse is that those social networks take the data from your surfing and gives it to the government.
     I learned of a really good tracker blocker called "Don't Track Me."
     The link is for Google Chrome, however there are links to various browser versions at the bottom of the page. Click the link, it downloads as an extension of your browser, and that's it.
     Don't track me
     You now can surf in private and enjoy the Net as it should be enjoyed while giving NSA, Facebook, and Barack Hussein Obama the finger.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The power of ONE and a challenge to ALL Americans.

      In 1989, ONE man provided the iconic image of heroic resistance against overwhelming odds. 

     Armed only with his body and a shopping bag, this man, dubbed "The Unknown Rebel" by the media, blocked a tank column in a show of defiance against tyranny.

     While he did not stop the column for long, he stopped them long enough to show the world freedom was not dead in China.
     I challenge America to stand up to oppressive government right here at home. Whether it is Obama spying on us (in the name of security, naturally), or your hometown police doing something questionable, STAND UP!
     Your name may not be remembered, but your actions will be.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A challenge to Democrats and RINOs on amnesty.

     Yesterday, the Democrats and 14 RINOS bent America over forward and took a significant step behind us when they voted for "immigration reform." The bastards clearly don't know what amnesty REALLY is. I'll explain it in simpler terms.
     Think of your house. Your house, your rules. You lock the door at night and go to sleep. The next morning, you wake up and find five people raiding your refrigerator, one is looking for your wallet, and one just had a baby on your couch and now claims the right to stay in your home as her baby was born in your house.What would you do?
      If the citizen in question didn't shoot them first for breaking and entering (many states embrace the Castle Doctrine, where you don't have to show "justification" for shooting a burglar. The fact he entered is justification enough). Barring gunfire, most Americans would call the cops and have them arrested for breaking and entering, trespassing, theft, etc. The cops would come and do their thing. Bye bye crimnals, right?
     In the real world, yes. 
     Not in the "Kiss the ass of the illegal immigrant," world. They will  claim the "undocumented immigrants" (LAMEstream media-speak for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT/CRIMINAL) meant no harm and should not be charged. In fact, they should be released to migrate to other homes.
     "They were only seeking work you wouldn't do, trying to feed themselves, and how dare you question the pregnant woman's right to live in your house now that she's dropped her anchor baby?"
     "My home is my castle," goes an old saying. "My house, my rules."
     No rational citizen would chastise a person for throwing unwelcome, unannounced and unwanted intruders out of their house. Every nation deports illegals on a daily basis.
     Why is America expected to be different?
     Here's the challenge for all you Democrat and RINOs hellbent on allowing illegals to stay.
     If granting amnesty is "the right thing to do," why don't you Democrats and the RINOs open YOUR homes up to the illegals?
     After all, you jackasses opened up America, you might as well go all the way.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I will NEVER comply.

     Ever since the smashing defeat of his gun control wet-dream, The Holy Dope-smoking Messiah, Barack Obama has authorized a "study" on gun ownership. To quote the Fox News article, "In the near future, Americans who own or want guns likely will be subject to rafts of new questions from social scientists, medical researchers and law enforcement officials intent to discover what guns they own, why they own them, and what they intend to use them for--not to mention where and how they keep them."
     Do you hear of Obama's regime questioning Americans who want or own computers being questioned by social scientists, medial researchers, and law enforcement officials intent to discover what computers they own, why they own them, and what they intend to use them for?
     Of course not. America uniformly practices free speech.
     However, not all of America practices the 2nd Amendment, which is why they think they can get away with openly spying on gun owners, gathering data on gun owners and preparing to disarm them in order to give Obama and the Democrats a better chance of installing a dictatorial leadership.
     LISTEN UP, social scientists, medical researchers, and law enforcement officials" and listen up good.
   You may take your "study," staple it to a 2x4, attach the aforementioned 2x4 to a jackhammer and perform a violent reverse bowel movement prior to activating the jackhammer.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why gun control is important to liberals and tyrants

     Liberals think gun control works like this:
     "If we ban all the guns (except for police, military, and specially favored and beloved followers of the progressive way of life and the state religion) then nobody would be shot and we would have peace and love and can afford to have flying unicorns in our LSD-fantasy trip."
     Tyrants think gun control works like this:
     "If we ban all the guns (except for police, military, paramilitary, secret death squads and our faithful supporters who need guns to keep from being killed for their roles for supporting tyranny), then we can shoot all the evil (freedom-loving) dissidents, undesirables, subhumans, and political opposition when they decide to restore freedom."
     Same meaning, same outcome.
     Those with the guns make the rules, and make no mistake about it--Obama and his cronies want to stay in power as long as they can--any way they can.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's have MEANINGFUL immigration reform.

    Immigration reform is a hot-button topic that keeps being put on the back-burner. Now Obama wants immigration reform (as a means of making us forget Benghazi, Fast and Furious, AP-Gate, EPA-Gate, IRS-Gate and NSA-Gate).
     How would I go about implementing MEANINGFUL immigration reform?
     First, I would absolutely secure the borders.
     One of the defining features of a nation is the ability to secure its borders. Every other nation secures its borders one way or another. Mexico secures its southern border. A few years back, (then) President Vicente Fox bragged about sending 250,000 illegal immigrants back "to their families and communities." Nobody said a word about that. Yet when America seeks to secure its borders, we magically become a nation of selfish racist bastards.
     How would I secure the borders? Take a lesson from history and build a suitable wall/fence. History proves the Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall kept millions of deprived, greedy capitalists from acquiring unearned benefits of socialism during the Cold War. If such security can keep highly-intelligent capitalists from breaching the inner sanctum of Marxism-socialism-communism (whatever ism), then it should work fine here in the USA.
     Second would be deporting illegals. Every one of them, no exception, no excuses. No nation wants trouble-makers or those who could not support themselves. This includes children born on US soil to illegal immigrants. Being born here to non-citizens does NOT make them citizens in my book. Deportation has been done before. Look up "Operation Wetback" on Wikipedia.
     Eleven million illegals will not be deported instantly, but they can be deported. That's up to eleven million jobs available for Americans. That was the justification for Operation Wetback can be done again--Democrats were the ones who pushed Operation Wetback, so it's not even "racist."
     Third would be to streamline the current process. I'm NOT saying shortcut the process, but streamline it for efficiency.
     Along those lines would be a "fast track" to citizenship. That track is an oldie, but a goodie. Military service. Those who arrive on visas who wish to become citizens and who can pass the entrance requirements should be given citizenship upon completing 5 years of military service or being awarded the Purple Heart. (France offers citizenship to members of the Foreign Legion after five years of service or being wounded in combat.) I feel anyone who offers their life, limbs and sanity for this country should damned well be allowed to live here!
     Fourth would be to ensure immigrants spoke and wrote English. English has been the standard language BEFORE America became a nation. During the massive immigration of the 1800's, immigrants who did not speak English learned it and spoke it with pride as a sign of being an American.
     Some friends of mine are naturalized citizens. They vehemently oppose granting amnesty as it cheapens the work they put into learning American history, English and obeying the rules.
     We CAN have meaningful immigration reform.
     But only if we have the guts to do it right.

Hillary for President?

    Today the Associated Press reported Hillary Rodham Clinton saying, "it's time for a woman to be president simply because it sends the right message." The article goes on to state Hillary has formed a PAC and is actively exploring her options.
     Is America READY for a female president?
     Always has been--the right one has not come along.
     Should America have a woman president simply because of gender?
     HELL NO!
     Look what we got when the uninformed voters rushed to the polls to elect an African-American. We could have had a COMPETENT African-American President, but no, Obama was the only African-American and therefore millions thought they were voting for change and 'proving' they were not racist. Too bad COMPETENCE did not factor into their decision-making process. America would be a much better place if they thought about that for a moment.
     The problem with Hillary Clinton running for President is that she may be "legally" qualified to run for President (be over 35, no felony CONVICTIONS, be an American-born citizen), she is not morally qualified.
     When she was on the prosecution team during Watergate, she was fired for unethical conduct. Rose Law Firm, "Stock-gate" (where she made a $1,000 investment and received 10,000 back from a very questionable source), handling the "bimbo eruptions" of the Clinton presidency, are just a few of the things that will bite her in the ass if she decides to run in 2016.
     What will tear her ass off is Benghazi. I find it amazing that she remembers nothing about that night. It was awful coincidental she "slipped and fell" and had a concussion right afterwards. (Sounds like she has a health issue, and being President might affect her health in a negative way!) Amazing how fast she recovered from that little bump on the head. She has MANY questions to answer about Benghazi, but "forgets" them simply because answering them will get her a prison sentence, not a run for office.
     America IS ready for a woman president, but not Hillary.

What is wrong with this picture?

     Let me see if I have this right. Barack Obama doesn't listen to his employers--THE PEOPLE--forgets (or doesn't know--wink, wink, nudge, nudge) key aspects of what his job entails and then he goes on vacation at great cost to the taxpayer.
     The All-Unknowing Holy Messiah Nanny-Daddy knows nothing about Fast and Furious, IRS-Gate, AP-Gate, NSA-Gate, Benghazi, Syria or one of a dozen other scandals.
     To be fair, he cannot be expected to know absolutely, positively EVERY detail of every program and operation going. But he should know the high points. Yet he constantly says "I don't know" or some variation on the theme. Or the default "It's Bush's fault" argument.
     If I did my job as poorly as Obama does his, I'd been fired long ago.
     I do my job, and do it well. I know every aspect of my job and how it dovetails into the company 'master plan.' I take responsibility for my actions. Nobody can say Obama does that.
     I don't create discord at work. In contrast, Obama creates discord and sows distrust everywhere he goes and then exploits it. To use less than polite phrasing, he's a fucking politicking shit-stirrer.
     At the G8 summit, Obama managed to piss off Ireland. Way to go, Barack. Thanks for making American look even worse.
     Guess all the stress of hiding his past and covering his ass is getting to him. It must be really hard work turning America into a Third World shithole. Never mind he's the modern day Nero (Obama fiddled with healthcare reform while the economy burned) who couldn't lead a horny sailor to a brothel, much less show some leadership or make a REAL decisionm, he needs a vacation from all the work he's "doing."
     Meanwhile, millions of Americans like me work hard, play by the rules, pay taxes, live paycheck-to-paycheck, dream of a vacation somewhere and ask, "what is wrong with this picture?"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beware the Misled

     "Beware the misled," wrote James Webb in his novel, "A Sense of Honor."
     And for years, millions of Americans HAVE been misled. The deceiving and misleading has gone on longer than the Obama Regime, however, the Obama Regime has seen fit to "ramp it up" for its own purposes.
     Let's look at just a FEW of the recent "scandals" to show why I quote James Webb.
     Let's start with Benghazi. We are expected to believe the deaths of four Americans is  SOLELY the result of Al-Queda's attack. If there was some indicator of an impending attack we missed, that's one thing. We hold investigations in order to learn from tragedies like this and do better. But all reports indicate that the State Department rejected ALL attempts to augment security before the attack. When the attack began, the State Department ordered no efforts be made to save those trapped. Obama did not authorize any action, though he watched it on Drone TV. The narrative was changed simply in order to fuel Obama's reelection campaign, complete with the obligatory photo op of 4 caskets coming back to the USA and Obama talking "tough" on terrorism.
    Nine months later,Obama has demoted career State Department personnel. He has relieved (military for "fired") Admiral Gaolette (commander of the Carrier Battle Group in the Mediterranean) and General Ham (commander of AFRICOM, that had a special forces unit available to give aid). What we don't have is answers. If there is no wrong-doing, why doesn't Obama waive the "non-disclosure statements" with a stroke of the Executive Pen and be done with it? Answer: There is wrong doing going beyond the deaths of four Americans. If people testify, Obama could find himself in jail for aiding/abetting murder, treason and a whole lot of other things.
    The news of the IRS singling out conservative groups for "special attention" is nothing less than infuriating. Apparently this was done on orders from Washington DC. Whether the orders came from the politicians or bureaucrats sucking up to the Democrats doesn't matter. This is wrong. All we have from the politicians and career bureaucrats is a wall of silence, and a vague promise of an investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder.
   Which means he will stonewall any investigation and denounce the evidence as long as he can--if he's lucky enough, he can hold out until he can no longer to his Roland Friesler imitation.
    Learning the NSA is recording the activities of MILLIONS of Americans (naturally, in the name of "security") as they go about their lives is nothing less than Orwellian. Or should I say "STALINST"? Same thing. The government might have a wiretap warrant "authorizing" this action to cover their LEGAL asses. But this sure as fuck is NOT a MORAL action. This is not the action of a FREE goverment. This is what you expect from repressive regimes (which is why I will never use "Obama" and "ADMINISTRATION" as a phrase ever again. But Obama defends it like it's nothing. Bet you HIS phones and internet activities are NOT checked or wiretapped. Obama says we have to make a choice between "liberty and safety" and some things must be kept secret to "enhance the nation's security" or some such garbage.
     Add in the "sequester" that cuts the military budget (but somehow Obama manages to find $100 million to pay for a family trip to Africa and arm Syrian rebels), and the tempers and patience of Americans get just a little shorter.
     Americans are finally realizing how they have been lied to by a tyrannical President, aided by a lap-dog media that (until recently) worked to forward Obama's pro-Islam, anti-American agenda.
    "Beware the misled. Their fury can bury kings."

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleep well America.

    Obama wants to give Syrian rebels arms and "limited" military aid. What could go wrong as we have The Most Awesome Holy Rockstar Messiah Nanny-Daddy President calling the shots?
     First off, let's look at the obvious: Taking part in a civil war (enforcing a no-fly zone and arming one side) IS AN ACT OF WAR. Period. Isn't it ironic our Nobel Peace Prize-bearing Rockstar Messiah is perfectly willing to wage war to distract the standard low-information Dimocrap voter from the current scandals (uncharged FELONY crimes)?
     According to Obama, we don't have the money to allow the Blue Angels and Thunderbird flight demonstration teams to fly. How the hell are we going to pay for 24-7 flights over a country sporting some of the latest, greatest anti-aircraft defenses?
     But yet, we have the money to arm the Syrian rebels. While dropping a few crates of rifles and ammunition would be useful, it's been noted the rebels need anti-tank and anti-aircraft capabilities. So we give them "second rate" stuff (possibly taken from LIBYAN ARMY facilities, but Obama doesn't want to talk about BENGHAZI) such as the RPG-7 (rocket propelled grenade) and SA-7 "Strella" anti-aircraft missile. These items could bite the USA and the non-Muslim world right in the ass.
     The RPG is a tanker's nightmare. Depending on what warhead is fitted to the rocket, it can blast a hole through 15-30 inches of RHA (Rolled Homogenous Armor--one piece steel) at ranges of up to 300 meters. They are cheap to make, you can teach the village idiot how to use one in 10 minutes (5 if you have a time crunch) AND you can even rig the rocket warhead for use in a "mechanical ambush" (boobytrap that shoots the rocket). This weapon gives M1 tankers nightmares because contrary to popular belief, the M1 series of tanks are NOT immune to this weapon. All it takes is a little guts and a steady hand.
     The SA-7 "Strella" is a man-portable surface to air missile. With a range of about 3 miles, it can take out jet aircraft or helicopter in a heartbeat. While it's a bit harder to use compared to the RPG, it can be done quickly and used to great effectiveness.
    That's just the "second rate crap."
    With Syrian rebels are aligning with the Al-Queda (however you spell it, it still means "jerkoff wife beaters and goat humpers to me), how do we tell the factions that want nothing to do with Assad AND Al-Queda from the factions who love Al-Queda?
    Obama's solution? "Trust me."
    Easy for him to say. The One Rockstar Holy Messiah travels around in an armored limousine, flies in an airliner with absolute state of the art protection and has a retinue of Secret Service agents ready to die saving his worthless life if needed. I note 99.99% of America (and most non-Muslim citizens) do not enjoy this level of protection and are exceptionally vulnerable to these weapons.
     Syria has chemical weapons. WHO will control them once Assad is removed? Does our Holy Rockstar Messiah Daddy-Mommy Fearless Nanny-state Leader REALLY think he's going to go on TV, make an impassioned plea and take control of the weapons? If he believes that, he's dumber than even I imagined. In reality, the groups are going to laugh at him and do what they damned well please. They still have Jihad to make and if Obama gets his way, they will have "The poor man's nuke." (chemical weapons)
    Sleep well, America.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trolling the NSA and why I'm pissed off about this

     I just finished sending out my share of "troll letters" to friends/family, and I'm now sipping on a Pepsi and enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling from a public action of defiance.
     I've made no secret that I'm pissed off about the NSA doing "blanket surveillance" and all that crap. This is NOT what the Patriot Act had in mind (in fact, what the Patriot Act was intended to do could have been written on perhaps 5 sheets of paper, be less intrusive on innocent civilian's lives AND comply with the Constitution fully.)
     First this blanket surveillance is allegedly for "spotting call patterns" and the like. I caught a little of Rush Limbaugh today at work and Rush made a GREAT point. In essence, though not an exact quote....
     "Even if they aren't listening to the conversation, the gov't CAN get information from the call. Say you call the Suicide Hotline or AIDS Hotline. Govermnent now knows someone called those numbers."
     END of attempting to quote.
    Consider this: If you're single, gov't knows someone called those numbers from your phone. Did you loan your phone to a friend in trouble? Doesn't matter. It's your phone, it's your door they're gonna be knocking on. That data could be shared with IRS (enforcing Obamacare) and you get a knock on the door (cops saying you're suicidal and they're there to take your guns for 'the public good').
     I'm a nudist and proud of it. I've already stated my concept of "responsible nudism" in a previous blog. I have no problem baring my body to/amongst consenting adults or being around those who bare their bodies having my implicit or tacit consent. It's done in private and in conjunction with all laws.
    I don't have a problem baring my thoughts either. I say what I mean and mean what I say (consistent with my conscience and the boundaries of LEGAL free speech--already addressed in a previous blog).
     I DO have a bigtime problem with some goverment jerkoff just knowing who I call. I'm a retired veteran, non-criminal (except the usual moving violations), and all that. Unlike Barack Obama, I don't hang around with terrorists who bombed the Pentagon. I don't hang around hate-speech ranting preachers (Rev. Wright). As long as I DO NOT break the law, there is no reason for me to be monitored in any way.
     Bet he's not on those wiretaps.
     The NSA says "We're only collecting patterns, not actually reading E-mails."
     The check is in the mail, I'll respect you in the morning, and the manufacturer will cheerfully refund your money or replace the defective item quickly.
     NSA forgot to include discussion of programs like CARNIVORE and ECHELON, that picks up on key words such as "bomb" "subway" "President" etc. How hard would it be to link the PRISM system to them and voila....Big Brother knows everything you do online, and in great detail.
     The potential for abuse is beyond comprehension. I'm an ASPIRING (nice way of saying UNPUBLISHED) writer. One scene shows new peacekeepers on a Muslim-dominant world listening to the Adhan, (call to prayer) as part of their orientation training to better understand the devotion of the local Muslims (in the book, they do this personally, 5 times a day to enhance their devotion, not use a PA system with a recorder).
     Not knowing what the caller was singing, I went to a Muslim-religion website, got the English and Arabic translations and saw a video of an Adhan at Mecca, at sundown.
    After copy/paste and watch the video, the scene evolved to show reactions and discussion.
    For instance, one female soldier thought the call was peaceful and tranquil. (it was done at sunset and there was no noise, just one man professing his faith to the world) Another thought it was a PSYOPS program to influence the soldiers, a third didn't care, a fourth wondered if it was a legal way to look at the base without getting shot.
    This was written several years ago. Now imagine if I did this RECENTLY?
   Little while later, I researched car bombs at a military website (no detailed knowledge, but did see a COOL video of a "water cutting charge" cutting the bomb in half before it could go boom)
    NSA computer: "Scott goes to Muslim website, then military website."
    NSA supervisor: "He's a vet. Disgruntled, affected by his service, no doubt. Better call the FBI in, do a contact call thing, ask a few questions. Meanwhile, suggest he goes on the no-fly list and see about grabbing his guns before he decides we're the threat to his freedom."
    That's how easy it is to lose your freedom.
    As an AMERICAN CITIZEN (not a 'subject'), I have the right to live my life according to the dictates of my conscience and in compliance with law. I have the right to privacy. IF I'm ever accused/suspected of breaking the law and a wiretap/surveillance becomes necessary, that has to go through the legal process. There has to be a warrant. One question asked at these hearings is "Is there probable cause?" That is, "Why do you think he's up to something?"
   In the instance I posted above, the answer is "HELL NO". Further NSA check would show I posted the scene at (The 'Bar' has the "Slush Pile" where writers share their work, give and receive constructive criticism and get criticized, applauded or tomatoes thrown at them) a few days later.
   Given how the IRS handled the Tea Party, is that much of a "stretch" to think NSA won't target the callers/users based on the numbers/websites contacted? Think the NSA won't succumb to Obama's push to control things and single out Tea Party members because they can?
    The IRS targeted the Tea Party. There's outrage.
   The NSA targeted the American People. There's outrage, but it's not focused.
   NSA mindset....we'll keep on doing it until someone tells us to stop stomping on freedom.
  To my readers, I offer this:
   It is time to start standing. If we do not STAND now, we will be on our knees in chains later. Whether those chains are actual chains or 'legal' chains, doesn't matter.
   Chains are chains.

Monday, June 10, 2013

This post will get me on an NSA watch list

    America is in big trouble. When faced with an external threat, Americans put aside political differences, stand shoulder-to-shoulder and get the job done. Most awesome example of this was World War Two.
   But what do you do when you are faced with a variety of INTERNAL threats?
   America has an economy that doesn't seem to improve. Unemployment numbers go down, but welfare recipients go up. Solyndra. Quantitatve easing makes the dollar worth less and material goods more expensive (a trip to the gas station is like a proctologist's exam sans lubrication).
    We have a bloated government more interested in outings than serving the citizens.
    Remember the GSA scandal? Millions of dollars spent on overpaid employees to do next to nothing and receive lavish outings and vacations for doing it.
    We have an overregulatory government that is the problem, not the solution.
    Obamacare alone has 13,000 PAGES of regulations.
    We have a corrupt government more interested in maintaining political power than doing its job. For example, Benghazi.
     The coverup (excuse me, alignment of talking points for 'accuracy') afterwards in order to convince America that Barack Hussein Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, saved the day, and the attack on Benghazi was a spontaneous outpouring of rage because of an obscure YouTube video made by an American (and we're sorry we have the 1st Amendment!) The coverup worked long enough to keep Obama in office, but that annoying Benghazi thing went on the back burner.
   We have bureaucrats and politicians who don't give a damn about the Constitution.
    The Newtown Massacre put the Rahm Emanuel axiom of "Never let a crisis go to waste" to the test.
    Barack Obama decided a "national debate on gun control" was just the thing to distract the people from Benghazi once and for all. For once Obama was doing something more than fundraising. He had old Joking Joe Biden out in the trenches and Diane Feinstein dusting off her draconian gun confiscation measures. He even brought family members of the victims on Air Force One to plead with the Senate to sign off on Obama's power-grab. (note he did not bring family members of victims who opposed gun control.)
    Obama did not see this picture

    The blatant assault on the Constitution woke a lot of Americans up. The NRA's membership jumped to a record 5 million members.
    After Obama's election, there was a heavy shortage of ammunition. Millions of Americans started buying guns and ammunition. Now it's a drought.
    Obama and his media whores said, "The people deserve a vote."
    The people got a vote and all of Obama's fantasy-list gun confiscation and bans were voted down strongly by a Senate that was perhaps one of the most watched votes in its history. Obama's effort to disarm Americans failed.
   Reeling from the Second Amendment Bitch-slapping, Obama realized he wasn't the Rockstar Holy One Awesome Messiah he once was.
   Like an unwatched pot, Benghazi began to boil over. New hearings were held and more damning information came out. Even more damning information (such as giving Stinger surface-to-air missiles to Libyan rebels linked to Al-whatthefuckever) was seeping to the surface.
    Treason has some pretty stiff penalties, including the death penalty. Obviously, nobody in the White House or Cabinet wants to be jailed or executed over this, so they screamed "SQUIRREL!"
    New Scandal.    
    AP-Gate, which was done after Holder found a judge willing to sign off on the wiretap warrants (he had to do some looking, but found one willing to ignore the 4th Amendment on his third try). The lame "let's have a discussion with the press on freedom of the press, off the record and behind closed doors" offer did little to smooth ruffled feathers. But it did distract people from Benghazi for a little bit.
   IRS-Gate. Using a government agency to deliberately harass and keep political opponents from establishing charitible and educational groups clearly breaks the law. The absolute arrogance of Lois Lerner proudly proclaiming her innocence, then taking the 5th Amendment only hints how far this scandal goes. The former acting head of the IRS, Steven Miller, went to the White House over 150 times--more than the Secretaries of Defense, State and Homeland Security COMBINED---but only remembers Easter. Please don't try telling me the targeting of conservatives was an isolated thing done by "rogue agents acting on their own." After all, no Democrat/Left leaning organizations received the same scrutiny.
   NSA-Gate. Gathering data on MILLIONS of Verizon users, again in the name of "national security interests." As time goes on, we're learning it's not only Verizon users who are being targeted--just about everyone who goes online is a potential terrorist according to the NSA and Obama. So much for the Fourth Amendment.
   When you read the scant list of events, you see a pattern of political and personal abuse of power. The people put Obama in office. The people are waking up and if the legal process doesn't remove this corrupt administration and the bureaucrats for these scandals...the people will.
   I'll probably get put on a NSA list for this post, but I'm merely pointing out the obvious anger Americans have.
   The picture below sums what what is coming for America.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A few observations

    It's easy to overlook the small stuff. Even the small stuff indicates Obama knows his back is almost against the wall.
    For instance, his vacations anger citizens who haven't had a vacation in YEARS because of the economy. Please note he hasn't taken a vacation in some time. Why? Because he knows the people are pissed off with the scandals. A vacation now would show how little he cares about doing his job and would spark further outrage and put him a little closer to the wall.
    Remember when Michelle put down a garden "to promote healthy eating" and all that? Not much news about that lately. Guess Monsanto told her to stop growing her food and buy only GMO products.
    Where's Joe Biden, our Vice President? We haven't heard any gaffes from him lately. I guess Obama is going to keep him out of sight, out of mind while he tries to cover up the scandals. Why would Obama do that? Eventually Biden will run out of gaffes and if he stopped being the "gaffe machine," people would consider him "presidential" and encourage Obama's impeachment.
    Obama has fallen silent on gun control. He promised to push for gun control after receiving a "bitch-slapping" from the Senate. He hasn't said a word (that I'm honestly aware of) about gun control since. Guess he knows the more he talks about control, the more the citizens go out and buy guns in order to control them from him. That concept has to be keeping him up at nights, knowing that the American people are waking up and not drinking the Kool-Aid anymore.
    We don't hear too much about "this recovering economy" these days, outside of the occasional "unemployment" report. The commonly cited numbers are for those ON unemployment. Someone who runs out of benefits doesn't count, even though they are still unemployed. The REAL numbers are double the 7.5% rate.
    Obama hasn't said much about his love of 'green' technology. 'Green Technology' has become synonymous with wasteful spending and corruption.
    Obama is magically silent about his greatest 'triumph,' ObamaCare. The highly touted 'pie-in-the-sky' legislation that would provide Americans affordable healthcare is now looking like a fly-infested s#!* sandwich.
    That's how Obama's Regime looks to America (and the world) right now, and all his flowery rhetoric and his denials of responsibility cannot change it!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Impeachment in 2015

     In light of the current scandals (felonies), Americans are now wondering how we can get Obama out of office. The easiest way was subverted in November of 2012. Obama was reelected only through using the IRS to harass Tea Party organizations, the media bending over forwards for Obama, and naturally lots of untraceable money to pay for voter fraud (one woman in Ohio boasted of voting for Obama 6 TIMES).
     The simplest chance to remove the incompetent Obama/Biden team and replace it with competency has been lost.
     Face it America, we're stuck with Obama until 2015 at the best. Even some in the media are saying "Impeach him!"
    I'm all for impeachment, but let's do this properly. First, we must gather evidence. This will not be easy given the constant delays, pleadings of the 5th, etc. from the Obama team. But the evidence must be properly gathered. It must be properly presented. All the requirements must be met before impeachment can begin. It took over two years to impeach Richard Nixon.
     Impeachment can succeed ONLY upon having 67 votes in the Senate. Get those 67 votes and Obama gets told to pack up and move out. Bye-bye Secret Service protection, $400,000+ lifetime pension, etc.
     Right now, we do not have 67 votes because of career Democrats like Schumer and Feinstein will not vote to impeach Obama--even if/when the evidence PROVES he broke the law. They're blindly loyal to their fellow Democrats, and nothing will change it.
     In 2014, we have the chance to change that.
     The only way to do it is get rid of EVERY Democrat in office and replace them with Republicans, Libertarians or right-leaning independents. Do not replace one Democrat for another, for there is NO DEMOCRAT PARTY anymore. It's the Socialist/Communist Party of America.
    That is the ONLY way to remove Obama from office, LEGALLY in 2015.
    Some will ask, "Why should we trade an arrogant incompetent for the court jester?"
    Good question. Joe Biden is not exactly the best person to put in the White House. But he is the legal person to put in--unless its confirmed he deliberately leaked the information that led to the death of 17 Navy SEALs in Afghanistan. Then he can be impeached/removed.
    Americans are slowly getting fed up with Obama/Biden and their constant abuses of the Constitution and power. They're sending a definite message to them with purchasing arms and ammunition. Obama will leave office, one way or another.
    Given the building scandals (Benghazi, AP-Gate, IRS-Gate, EPA-Gate, NSA-Gate) and the fact this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think November 2014 will see such an outpouring of conservative voters sick and tired of being pushed around, it will make the 1994 'Republican Revolution' look like a sorority pillow-fight.
     If we do this right, starting in January 2015, we will start the process to keep Obama from receiving a  lifetime pension and lifetime protection for a job lousily done.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

This article is about the National Security Agency getting phone records of MILLIONS of Verizon users.
I think these records should be made public.
Let's check how many of these users are Conservative/Republican/Libertarian voters. How many of them identify with the Patriot or Tea Party movements?
Then let's see how many Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Communist phone numbers are on this list.
Something tells me this is like the IRS....More Conservative, Republican and Libertarians are being targeted than Liberals, Progressives and Democrats.
Using the IRS to punish Americans for political beliefs is bad enough.
Using an intelligence agency is far worse.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My NEW Blog.

I'm Scott, and I'm The Naked Conservative.
Suitably attired for battle, I will endeavor to bring humor to the humorless, news, knowledge, and of course, my opinion.
I WILL be posting stuff that will be upsetting to some. I always try to be as tactful as possible, but no matter how hard I try, I will always anger someone.
HEY! My page, my rules :D
I speak my mind openly and plainly. I live my life according to the law and with the dictates of my conscience.
My mind CAN be changed with "Force of Logic." That means presenting a FACTUAL, logical argument to my position. Using emotion, playing the race card, etc., doesn't work with me. In fact, I get a little pissed off when someone calls me "racist" because my FACTUAL, LOGICAL argument cannot be refuted.