Friday, August 30, 2013

Who we should REALLY be bombing AND "oopsies" I'd LOVE to see.

     Our beloved Holy Messianistic Fuhrer, Barack Obama decided today that if neccessary, America would "go it alone" in Syria. The Awesome Rockstar also said "there would be no 'boots on the ground'" should we have to bomb the crap out of Syria.
     Pardon me for bringing up Bush, but didn't Our Most Omnipotent Wookie shagger say words to the effect that "Bush was responsible for the decline of respect of America with his bombings"? Didn't Obama also infer he had sufficient foreign policy "experience" because he had lived overseas as a child? And didn't he also say that the world would LOVE Obama and the Muslims would no longer attack America because Der Lord und Savior Obama willed it?
     I'm sorry for bringing up Il Douche's words.
     Don't say I'm a racist for mentioning that. I've heard it before and the liberal's use of the R-word has made it null and void.
     I'd like to bring up a few technical points, since The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Il Douche won't.
     First is the use of chemical weapons. It's STANDARD DOCTRINE IN ALL ARMIES to give your troops notice you're going to be popping off a chemical weapon. This gives them time to put on gas masks (personal protective masks for us military types), and their chemical suits. You can put on a mask and achieve a proper face-to-mask seal in 7-12 SECONDS, (depending on which mask you have).
     So, why are there military casualties? Given that Syria (like any nation) has a finite number of troops or people they can take from the workforce, why would Assad kill his OWN troops? Why would he kill his own citizens?
     Some will say he did it to blame on the "rebels."
     But yet, using a chemical weapon crosses a line leading to sanctions, boycotts, diplomatic issues and ultimately war. Does anyone REALLY think Assad WANTS to start shooting at Americans?
     Assad needs a bullet in his head, but not at this moment BECAUSE he's fighting those "rebels." "Rebels" from most Muslim countries--and Muslims from other countries--including AMERICA. "Rebels" with links to Al Qaida (whatever!).
     The All-Idiotic Obama forgets "history." History shows that REBELS are those who LIVE in the country BEFORE the revolution, not show up afterwards. These "heroic rebel groups" are terrorists, pure and simple.
     Now let's say Obama is stupid enough to ignore 94% of the American people DO NOT want America doing anything in, to, or against Syria. For purposes of blogging, Imagine when The Nobel Peace Prize Winner starts dropping bombs like 60's "hippies" dropped their pants.
     Unless there's ABSOLUTE PROOF, verified by independent, reliable sources, we should be bombing the crap out of these so-called "rebels."
     Rebels first, Assad later.
     Remember the SEQUESTER? Yes, that budget-cutting, money saving device Obama was for before he was against it, or is that the other way around?
     Il Douche gives the order, the planes should go out and drop their bombs.
     Imagine the scene: Pilots return to base, all jubilant and proud for fighting "at Obama's behest" (yes, Obama did say that!) and head to debriefing.
     "You were supposed to bomb this target HERE...not THERE. You bombed the shit out of the rebels!"
    "Oops! The sequester cuts cut into our maintenance budget. The computer said we were HERE, not THERE."
     "I turned on the cockpit light and there was a short in the system somewhere, because the bombs fell off the plane. I really hope no soldiers were hurt."
     "I've been bombing Al Qaida for so long, I don't know how to bomb anyone else!"
     And the classic all combat arms soldiers know...
     "I'm a young second know better to trust my overeducated, inexperienced ass with radios, GPS, maps, and BOMBS...."


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Russia is backing Syria and the consequences of revolution

     Tonight, I'm going to talk about why I think Russia is backing Assad.
     DISCLAIMER: my knowledge of the Middle East is a bit dated, but I believe my premises are still valid.
    1: Syria is the only "serious" jumping point to Israel and Lebanon. If the Russians REALLY decided to change things via bayonet, Syria is the place they'll base troops. If they take Lebanon, they are in a GREAT position to threaten the Suez Canal, Israel, and the Mediterranean in general.

     2: Russia has problems with Muslims too. Chechnya is a major sore point for them. (The Boston Bombing suspects emigrated from Chechnya and even called there AFTER the bombings). No love lost between the Russians and Muslims.
     The Russians know WHAT they're getting with President Assad. 
     An quotation attributed to several AMERICAN Presidents, including FDR goes like, "He may be a son-of-a-bitch, but he's OUR son-of-a-bitch."
     Assad is Putin's son-of-a-bitch. Not because of money, but because the alternative is far worse.
     Don't get me wrong, President Bashir Assad needs a .50 frontal lobotomy performed ASAP. He's supported terrorism across the Middle East for years. He needs to go bye-bye, whether by ballot, rope or a bullet.
     Therein lies the problem.
     A partial quote from Rudyard Kipling:

    "Stick to the Devil you know." 

     Why is Putin is sticking to the Devil he knows?
     No matter how you cut it, Syria WAS a stable nation. Tyrannical, but INTERNALLY stable. Say what you want again, but Assad has REAL control of his chemical weapons.
     What happens IF the "rebels" (you know, those fun-loving, pranking Muslims working with Al-Qaida) take control of Syria?
     If they take control, they ultimately get hold of all those chemical weapons and delivery systems. Israel could be attacked as a warm-up exercise. If Israel's nuclear weapons policy is like ours, Damascus will have a 2 million degree sunrise an hour after any chemical attack is proven. (US Policy states WE will NOT use nuclear weapons in a first strike, but we retain the right to use them in retaliation for a WMD attack).

     Consider the "new government" does NOT use those chemical weapons. They just sit on them and think for a moment.
     In the meantime, Russia would instantly lose their influence and port of call privileges in Syria. And it gets WORSE.

     What happens AFTER the "revolution?"
     One only has to look at Egypt to answer that question. The Muslim Brotherhood acted like a spoiled child given the keys to the gun cabinet, the liquor cabinet, the car, and Dad's ATM card. The Egyptians bought the promises, put up with creeping Sharia law for about a year and threw the MB out. Clearly, the Egyptians do NOT want the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

     For purposes of discussion, let's say Der Holy Lord and Savior Mommy-Daddy Obama gets his way and Syria is taken over by those outrageous party animals, the Muslim Brotherhood.
     What happens next?
     After a healthy dose of ethnic and religious cleansing, the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually get control of the chemical weapons and decide where to use them.

     Leon Uris wrote in his novel "The Haj" a line which must be seriously considered. The following is NOT a perfect quote, but close enough for blogging purposes.
     "The Druze against the Sunni, the Sunni against the Shi'ite and all of us against the infidel."
     Radical Muslims HATE infidels. However, they have a special brand of hatred for Communists (and probably their descendants because of Chechnya. Given how Chechnya is fighting/has fought the Russians, it would not be too hard to imagine a few of those chemical weapons going to Chechnya to help out their beleagured brothers in their jihad. Putin would not be pleased, but would give the order to nuke/gas someone.
     Ask yourself this: What did WE do when the Soviet Union decided to put nukes on Cuban soil? We made them back down because there was no way we would tolerate such a threat to our security.
     Why should Putin tolerate a threat to HIS security?
     I'm no Putin fan, but his keeping America out of Syria make more sense than Il Douche's idea of going in.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who will benefit from an attack on Syria?

     Let me see if I get this right:
     Syrian President Assad allegedly uses chemical weapons against his own people, KNOWING he would make Syria a pariah in the eyes of the world.
     Is it me, or does that sound like rather stupid/suicidal behavior from a maniac desperate to maintain power and stay alive?
     Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting the VICTIMS of the chemical weapons attack say the attack came from the REBELS. (You know, those wonderful misunderstood friendly Muslims with links to Al Qaida.)
      WHY would the REBELS do this?
     Because they are NOT going to win. Syria's army is too big, too well-trained (for an Arab army) and even with foreign aid and weapons coming to them, they cannot win, especially with Russia and China backing Syria.
     Their only hope is to get the United States to bomb the crap out of Assad (in the name of 'retaliation') in the hopes of weakening his regime so they can take over and impose a Sharia-based Muslim government.
     NATURALLY, this "attack" will "not be to destroy the infrastructure of Syria" but to retaliate/punish Assad for use of chemical weapons (while conveniently helping the rebels).
     We bomb Syria. That is an act of war.
     By rights, Syria could LEGALLY declare war on the US and here comes the next wave of terrorists. (Realistically, the Syrians CANNOT sustain an invasion/attack against the USA, but they can make life hell.)Supporting the rebels is an act of war (depending on if Russia and China want to make a big deal out of it).
     And what do we get for supporting the rebels? They're not going to renounce their ties to Al Qaida, they're not going to love the United States. They're not going to do anything in return. Maybe once they take over Syria, they might consider attacking Israel, but that's about it.
     It's a lose-lose proposition.
     But tie this into the next upcoming bitch-slap for Il Douche.
     The March on DC.
     I think Obama is scared shitless at the thought of being in DC that week. Last count I saw at the Patriots' Guild FB page had up to 3 million unarmed citizens being in DC that week, plus up to 1 million armed citizens being just across the Potomac in VA.
     Absent a strike in Syria, this march could become one of the pivotal moments in American--if not WORLD history. Under the right circumstances, it would be VERY likely we hear "Hail to the Chief" played for Joe Biden.
     Unless Obama finds a suitable a distraction.
     It's not in the interests of the United States to get involved in a war that A: we have no part in and B: does not benefit us in any way.
     The only person who will benefit is Obama.

Pattern of my life....

     Tuesday afternoon, I was helping a co-worker move a fridge. Dipshit wannabe thug in one of those blinged out cars T-boned us. (at least it wasn't MY truck). I hit my head against something and was dizzy and seeing double for a while. Wound up spending the night in the hospital as a precaution while they checked me for head injury. (Irony, I didn't even break the skin, but how the F I wound up with a concussion, I don't know!) Doc said the good news was that I wasn't gonna die on them. Bad news is that I am the prown owner of a "Type 2" knee sprain. (as bad as you can get before you need surgery to fix it) and I can't do anything strenuous for at least two weeks, including standing for long periods of time.
     That means I'm NOT going to DC.
     In the best case, I'd be making the knee worse that it is, delaying my healing, etc. Worse case, my knee would make me one hell of a slow target.
     At least work understands. Since we're still doing inventory, I'll be running a computer and entering stuff until I get off of the "no long standing" stuff.

     Seems like I run into a lot of this. Get my heart set on something, then something takes it away and I get something else.
     Makes me wonder if I'm God's stress/chew toy or incredibly lucky.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Why I post political stuff

     To be honest, I'd rather post more postive things. I'm sure more than a few people have blocked my posts, because they consider them "offensive" "upsetting" or simply because I'm pushing them outside their "comfort zone" by my relentless questioning of Il Douche's competency, plans and 'agenda.'
     I'd rather have fun and make people laugh by posting my nude photo online.

     I'd rather spend my time searching for a good conservative woman with a zest for life than constantly posting political stuff.
     You say "So, why don't you?" "Why post your political views when you CAN be looking for the conservative nudist woman of your dreams?" (or variations on the theme).
     It's not about personal ego, a vain effort to display some form of sophistication, attention getting, or a way to piss friends off (Yes, I know I have family and friends who drink the Kool-Aid and wish I'd drink less Tea).
     Why do I post?
     Because I care about an ideal GREATER than myself. The America I believe in is dying from internal political rot. The rot goes deep. While I blast the "Democrat-Progressive-Liberal-Socialist-Communist Party," I also blast RINOS (Republicans In Name Only.)
     I'm honest enough to acknowledge BOTH the Democrat and Republican parties are guilty of contributing to this political rot. However, the rot is far deeper in the Democrat Party than the Republican Party. The Democrat Party is like a terminal patient. Despite constant efforts, it doesn't get any better. Better to let it go in peace and start fresh.
     The GOP has its share of rot too. The Republican Party is like a cancer patient. The condition is bad, but the infusion of new blood and ideas (the TEA Party) can save it and restore it to full health and vitality.
     America TODAY resembles the enemies Uncle Sam trained me to kill decades ago. Back "in the day" only Communists oppressed their political opponents, spied upon their own people, and indefinitely detained their citizens for very questionable reasons. The Communists knew we would kill them with great skill, pride and joy. They decided they better not confront a professional military under COMPETENT civilian and military leadership.
     In my years of service, I've visited friends in hospitals and attended many funerals. I've paid my respects to the fallen and done what I can to ease the pain for family members left behind. The America I love respected its veterans and the fallen. The America I defended did not use the government to harass the political opposition. America then did not spy on its citizens and say "F**k your inquiry, it's for your own good" when questioned. The America I know did not indefinitely detain citizens and deny them their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to a fair and speedy trial.
     The America I would have died for used the Constitution as the base and meter of its laws. The Supreme Court was considered the most learned legal minds of the day, and though I disagree with some of those rulings, those rulings were made with AMERICAN LAW and the CONSTITUTION in mind. The Supreme Court did not pay attention to "Foreign Law" or "unwritten precedent." Say what you will, they tried their best to get it right.
     When there was wrongdoing or blame to be taken, the PRESIDENTS often stood up and took that blame head on.
     Carter took the blame for the failed Iranian rescue attempt.
     Reagan took the blame for Iran-Contra.
     Obama hasn't taken the blame for one thing, denies knowing anything about IRS-Gate, Fast&Furious, NSA-GATE, Extortion 17, or Benghazi. But yet Obama hides behind legal minutae, a lap-dog press, and millions of mindless minions who accuse and smear anyone who stands up to Obama of being a racist.
     I post my political views to educate and awaken my family and friends. Either they see the danger coming and feel helpless to do anything about it, or they don't see it and continue to "trust the government."
     I post as a means of fighting Obama's Regime.
     I am one man. I have chosen my side freely and I will not regret it no matter how the battle goes. I choose to make my stand here and now so my family and friends don't have to.
     I eagerly look forward to the day when I can TRULY enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I currently have life. Our liberties are being taken away one by one. I cannot pursue happiness without the freedom to choose what that happiness is.
     It's all about the freedoms we have today. If we don't fight for them today, we won't have them tomorrow.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A few thoughts on the March on DC, Il Douche and a prediction

     I was talking to an old Army buddy about two weeks ago and the conversation turned to the March on DC. I said I hoped to go to the March on DC, but wasn't sure I'd be able to do it because of gas prices. There was a moment of silence on his end of the line, then he said, "You really want to go to this thing?"
     "Of course."
     "Let me get this straight. If I go, you expect me to drive 100 miles out of my f***ing way, pick you and your shit up, then keep from choking the crap out of you for 600 odd miles?"
     "You need a navigator." 
     "If I manage not to choke you, we'll do some protesting on both sides of the river by day and trying to get laid by night. After five days of this, I get to drive another 600 miles with you either crowing about scoring some hottie or whining about me cock-blocking you the whole damn way?"
     "Sounds like a plan. When and where do I pick you up?"
     You gotta understand that Army buddies are gruff, sarcastic, use the F-word every other sentence (and on occasion, use the F-word and its variants in a complete, cohesive sentence), refuse to sugar-coat anything, will curse you for the slightest thing, threaten your life and limb for whatever, yet will loan you money or risk life and limb for you minutes later.
     When you and your buddies find each other after years of hearing nothing, the first words besides colorful expletives are often along the lines of "You still owe me $20" and "Where's the beer?"
     Within an hour, friendship moves from "hibernation" to "full speed ahead" as if the intervening years hadn't existed. Nothing in the world like an Army buddy.


     Once I had a ride arranged, my thoughts turned to "what the hell will I do once I'm there?"
     I plan on putting on my finest clothing (yes, I do have decent clothing, despite my nudist lifestyle) and hoof it over to the Capitol to give my Congressman a piece of my mind--PEACEFULLY. I honestly don't expect to see him, given it's the first week of the session, there will be at least thousands of citizens milling about with a purpose, and that I don't have an appointment.
     I intend to hand-deliver a letter to his staff, explaining (again) my disappointment on his 'yea' vote on  'Indefinite Detention.'
     The letter states that Indefinite Detention clashes with the Constitutional right to a speedy TRIAL and let him know I am not a happy constituent on this issue.
     After that, I will thank him for signing HR 36, which authorizes a Select Committee on investigating the Benghazi Massacre. I will likewise encourage him to encourage other Representatives and Speaker Boehner (218 signatures are required OR Speaker Boehner's authorization) to sign it. In addition, encourage him to support IMPEACHING OBAMA for IRS-Gate, NSA-Gate, Benghazi and Fast&Furious.
     A hand-delivered note is almost as good as getting a few moments of the Congressman's time. A staffer will tell him that I shown up and hand-delivered the letter. The fact one person made a 600 mile trip to deliver an opinion when a phone call/Email could have done the same thing gets noticed--in a good way. Anyone willing to go that far should be listened to because if not listened to, that person will go to equal lengths LEGALLY to get the Congressman out of office.
     After completing that task, depending upon the time of day, I plan to saunter over to Senator Rand Paul's office with a letter. I think he needs some encouragement. I don't think I'll actually get to talk to him and all that, but while I have no problem in letting my elected representatives know when I'm pissed off about something, I'm determined to let them know when they get it right.
     Once I complete my task, I'm going to go into the Tourist Mode and take lots of pics of "My trip to DC." (PLEASE let there be Libertarian Supermodels indulging in civil disobedience at a Demand the Right to Bare Breasts rally!)
     In addition, I plan to finally meet  fellow Patriots I've E-mailed in the course of the past weeks who likewise intend to visit their elected Representatives.
     I think I will know how I will feel when I finish.
     I will be happy, for despite efforts from one of the most corrupt and evil Regimes ON EARTH to disrupt the march (lots of infiltrators on various Net sites saying we shouldn't go because ____) or outright stop the March by refusing to issue the appropriate permits. I still did what I said I was going to do. I lawfully exercised my God-given right to speak as a citizen and petition my elected represenatives as I saw fit.
     Upon my departure from Rome/DC, I will return to the right side of the Rubicon/Potomac, change into suitable clothing and exercise another right called "open carry."
     Open Carry is simply carrying your firearm openly. No permit required as long as the weapon is easily visible, whether its holstered on a hip or a rifle slung over a shoulder. The Virginians are cool with open carry as long as it's done responsibly. By being "cool" with "Open Carry on the Potomac," Virginia is letting DC know they don't approve of their BS gun control proposals. Gotta love that.
     I will seek out and actively participate in PEACEFUL pro-2nd Amendment rallies, any possible training seminars being given and by that participation, join the ranks of determined citizens proud to let Il Douche and his Regime where we stand.


     My prediction:
     In talking with another friend, we disagreed upon one key question. "WHERE'S OBAMA GOING TO BE?"
     My buddy believes that Il Douche is going to 'be out of town' that week 'on business.' No way will Il Douche want to be anywhere near an anti-Obama march.
     I disagreed by saying that if Il Douche decamps and runs like a scalded dog, it will reinforce the perception that he is a pure physical coward. Especially if he leaves his family behind. A leader afraid in his own capital is not a leader. He HAS to stay put. He HAS to at least look like a leader.
     There is truth in both statements.
     If Der Holy Rockstar Messiah Mommy-Daddy, Lord and Savior Il Douche decides to leave BEFORE the protests, it shows his fear.
     If he decamps DC for whatever reason (excepting a VALID NATIONAL EMERGENCY THING), DURING the protests it reinforces the perception he is scared because he knows the truth.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I think the "Second Line" should be doing


     When the March on DC begins (Sept 9-12) it will be broken down into two groups.
     As the Obama Regime has rejected over 100 applications from various Patriot groups to hold a rally, we cannot LEGALLY rally as a group. We CAN go to DC individually, visit our Represenatives, and present our petitions.
     Up to three MILLION citizens are expected to go to DC to 
lobby their elected represenatives during that time. The citizens seeking to petition their elected represenatives will go forth to present petitions and demand action on various pro-Constitutional issues, chastise (politely), or give a show of support as appropriate. These three million citizens are the "First Line."
     The difference between THIS march and all others is that this one has "teeth."
     For the record, ancient Rome had a law that stated no legion could cross the Rubicon River with its commander upon pain of death. 'Crossing the Rubicon' is synonymous with 'the point of no return.'
     The Potomac is our Rubicon and Washington, DC is our Rome.
     We are not to cross it while carrying arms. That is the law.
     To show our peaceful intention and respect for the law, those who choose to carry weapons will NOT cross the Potomac River into Washington, DC. They will gather in Virginia (where possession of weapons and open carry is legal) and protest legally. Up to ONE MILLION citizens will show up and protest. One million gun owners.
     DCPD has 3800 officers. DHS has 138,000 ARMED agents (nationwide). The ENTIRE Armed Forces has 2 million people. Gathering 1 million armed gun owners in one place is sending a message that not even MSNBC can deny.
     Protesting on the right side of the river sends a message, but those in the Second Line can do so much more than that AND send a more powerful message than ever.
     To the best of my knowledge, this is the first MAJOR gathering of individual armed citizens AND militia groups in some time. Protesting by day and talking about the Constitution by night will attract the media's attention--for about two minutes until Il Douche yells "squirrel" and everyone looks at Hillary's cleavage or something equally morbidly bizarre.
     This is a golden opportunity to organize, train and prepare.
     Given goverment agitators were sent to Sandford, FL to stir the racial pot before and during George Zimmerman's trial, it would be quite easy for the government to arrange for a couple of people to "take a few shots at cops" to "justify dispersing the citizens seeking to lobby."
     What should the Second Line Organize, TRAIN and prepare for?
     How to react to an unlawful, unneccessary or immoral physical attack against those who seek to speak to their elected Representatives in accordance with the law and the Constitution.
     I use those words to clearly define my perception of their willingness to initiate violence under the guise of "crowd control," "dispersing an unauthorized gathering" (or whatever lame excuse the power-brokers in the Mayor's Office and the White House can get past the media.)
     Unlawful means just that. Breaking the law. The current Regime (aka "Administration") has shown it has no problem with breaking the law and hiding behind miles of legal minutae and media complicity.
     Unneccessary means just that. IF (and I do emphasize IF, given the fact that Conservative-based marches are inevitably peaceful, CLEANER, quieter, more orderly and more willing to give the police "expected compliance" (doing what the cops order--within reason), I don't see cops breaking heads unless someone gives them an order to do so.
     Immoral means just that. Martin Luther King said, "Everything done by Hitler was LEGAL under German Law."
     Legal does NOT mean "moral."
     So why would anyone attack unarmed citizens PEACEFULLY exercising their rights under the Constitution, and in accordance with local laws?
     Because SOMEONE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED may want to send Patriots a 'message' they won't forget! (wink-wink, nudge, nudge.) When their power base is challenged or threatened, put nothing past anyone!
     (Naturally, the SOMEONE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED will deny all involvement and make some quip about "they deserved it" or whatever.)
     Does Tianamen Square ring a bell? The protesters had no guns, had no second line and believed the power of the media would protect them. The Chinese government didn't give a damn about world opinion and rolled the tanks.
     If this were to happen, the "Lamestream Media" would spin the story as it was done for "the Patriot's own good" or some such crap. Either way, the media presence won't prevent violence or make it less "severe."
     THAT is what the Second Line will be preventing.

     If the armed supporters are going to be a second line, then it MUST be the finest second line possible. It cannot be a "mob." It must be a reasonably capable, trained and ready unit with a PLAN to protect our fellow citizens.
     Organize the groups initially to:
     1: Provide a screen for retreating citizens to get to Virginia (safe haven). That means securing a route out, keeping DCPD/DHS off their backs and provide armed response to an illegal, unneccessary and immoral use of force.
     How does one plan for this?
     Start with thinking like DHS/DCPD. "After it starts, what happens next?"
     Repeat this Q&A cycle until you have a mental idea of what the mission consists of and how you want to go about it.
     Upon figuring out a response, assign certain tasks to certain groups, make sure the task is understood and do what you can to help that group ready itself.
     Organize and TRAIN for those tasks AS BEST AS YOU CAN--WITHOUT BREAKING THE LAW! For instance, say a bunch of people brought fishing boats with them to while away the time (Remember to stay on the VIRGINIA side of the river!). Practice launching boats, loading and unloading. You don't need to carry guns to train. Talking in groups to people with training already is a hell of a lot more than not talking at all.
     Even talking about it makes the second line MORE effective as the previously "unknown to each other" individuals and groups now have a rough idea of what's going on.
     As the groups train for their tasks, have as many of them work together as practical. (Group A has the boats, Group B is going to take a ride).The enemy will be coming at you as a unit, so the second line must work as a unit to compensate.
     One side benefit of groups working together is the socialization aspect. All of a sudden the groups start knowing each other. Sharing tips and tricks. With time, you have groups that are cohesive internally and can work with other groups. With this "shared training experience" the units form bonds of friendship and that begins to unify the militias, making them more effective in the future should they be needed.
     Yes, waving signs across the Rubicon/Potomac and making speeches gets some attention.
     Being ready, willing, AND ABLE to respond to an American Tianamen Square should it arise should provide a credible deterrent capable of letting our fellow citizens go about their business peacefully and lawfully.
     THAT will send the message that "We, the people" HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


     According to the Patriots Guild FB Page, the DC March is STILL ON, even though we do not have permits. How can this be legal?
     Simple. We're not going to "protest," we're going to DC to lobby our Representatives and Senators. Lobbying is legal, "protesting" is NOT.
     So we "lobby" in great numbers. Okay. No problem. We'll be in full compliance of the law.
     So why the hell am I pissed off?
     Today's PG release informed us that over 100 people attempted to get permits for the March on DC from 9-9 to 9-13. ALL WERE REJECTED.
     However, ONE permit was approved.
     The "Million Muslim March" (now called the "Million AMERICAN March Against FEAR) is scheduled for 9-11.
     In 2011, the "Occupy DC" movement not only had permits--THEY got extensions! Never mind the "Occupy" movement nation-wide had a HUGE problem with crime. Give those Obama supporters an extension. Let them trash the area and attact crime, 'they're good people!'
     In contrast, there has been NO crime, riots, etc., at a Tea Party protest. But the Obama Regime has to keep us at bay, keep us from getting our message of FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT out. Heaven forbid anyone say anything bad about Der Holy Rockstar Awesome Messiah Savior! Heaven forbid they assemble in such numbers not even the lamestream media can ignore that people are not happy in "Obama's 'Murica."
     This reinforces my personal belief that being a Conservative in America today is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany.
     Hitler started by denying the Jews basic civil rights.
     Sort of how Obama is denying Patriots, Libertarians and Conservatives our civil rights, one at a time.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Biden wants to run for President.

     Guess who thinks he has a chance to become the Democrat 2016 nominee.
     Vice President "Joking" Joe "Gaffe Machine" Biden.
    While the Wall Street Journal's story Biden for President claims Biden's supporters think it will be a "legacy" campaign (i.e. 'I'll continue Obama's great programs!), Obama will NOT endorse Biden if Hillary Clinton is running.
     Let's be completely honest here.
     Joe Biden is in his position because he is a CFI.
     Complete Fucking Idiot.
     Being a CFI is a prerequisite for being a Democrat Vice President. COMPETENCY is NOT DESIRED. Why?
     The old joke of "Presidential Life Insurance" comes to mind. If Biden were competent, there would be more assassination attempts against Obama. (And before any butt-hurt whiny-assed Democrats start screaming and crying, remember--you've said the same thing about GOP VP Candidates as well!)
     During the Vice Presidential Debate against Paul Ryan, all Biden could do was smirk, make funny faces, etc. 

     Frankly, I was hoping Martha Raddatz would have a "Cher" moment, slap some sense into Biden and say "Snap out of it!"
    Democrats said Biden looked "Vice Presidential."
    Reality intrudes. Biden STILL looks like:

          I wouldn't trust Joe Biden with an unloaded peashooter 4 states over (under ADULT supervision, I might add), much less with anything that goes "Pew, pew, pew" (yes, that's a Bidenism.)
     I sure the hell wouldn't trust him with the economy, foreign policy. If Biden runs on "Obama's Legacy" he runs on one of a legacy of failure.
     And that's why Biden will NEVER become President. He's a failure, just like Obama.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Miru's Lesson 59-60 (last)

Chapter 59

    November 11, Compound One:
     General Thompson looked at Orel. “I just received word from Earth. The Rodents are going home.”
     “Going home?” Orel said in disbelief. “What about court-martials for those we’ve linked to the executions?”
     Thompson took a deep breath. “Jameson signed a Classified Executive Order. We are to stop interrogating the Rodents and get all personnel to sign a specific nondisclosure statement. There will be no court-martials. The powers that be mean to keep this secret if they have to kill every one of us.”
     “We have to cover this up? For them?”
     “For the good of the Alliance.”


     November 12, Compound One Main Dome:
     Deputy Minister Castleton watched First Brigade form a mass formation to his left. To his right were the assorted civilians who lived and worked in Compound One.
     “Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the First Brigade, I want to talk to you about our dream. It was announced that the Rodinans were coming here as an experimental measure to increase security. When the Rodinans came here, their Sector was never revealed for security reasons so trespassers would not know whether they were facing them or us. If word of the fighting gets out, our dream of a reborn Kronskye will be endangered.”
     “Bullshit!” a hate-filled voice jeered.
     Castleton knew that voice spoke for everyone there.
     “No, my friend, not bullshit. If this goes public, the media will investigate. With that comes inevitable disclosure of information must be kept secret. I fear the politicians will throw up their hands and sacrifice our dream of Restoration to guarantee the security of the Alliance. We will withdraw, they will give Kronskye the Carthage Treatment, and nobody will walk this ground ever again.
     “Last year we had one breathable reading that lasted fourteen seconds. This year, we have had three breathable readings. One of those readings three weeks ago lasted for two minutes. That’s longer than all the readings taken in the previous two years combined. The Ph of the water was a negative ten when we began Restoration. Now it’s around a positive two point five on an average. The water in the Nasty is about a four.
     “We are making progress! In seven years we can begin decontaminating the ground and whatever houses we’ve managed to save. Our worst-case estimate has Kronskye ready for full colonization in thirty-one years.
     “Do we want to take the chance the politicians will stop our work? But above all else, do we want another Horror?” Castleton asked as he looked at the civilians.
     “No,” said several hundred scattered voices.
     Castleton looked at the First Brigade. “Are you here to let another Horror happen?”
     “NO!” the Brigade responded with proud defiance.
     “Members of the First Brigade, your peerless conduct during this incident should be celebrated and taught to our youth as examples of patriotism and selfless service. Yet, it cannot be, because of the repercussions. I know this is a difficult thing to ask of you. It should not be asked of you, but I must ask for your silence. If you speak out, your service here and the sacrifices of your comrades in arms will have been for naught!
     “I believe those who died protecting or restoring Kronskye deserve better than a monument on another world. I say the return of life itself must be part of the monument we build here!”


     November 15:
     Castleton looked at the latest numbers. Three Aggressors refused to sign the special nondisclosure form. He picked up the com and punched in a familiar number.

     November 16:
     Orel threw aside the covers, climbed out of bed and opened the door.
     “Got a minute?” Toni asked.
     “Sure,” Orel said through a yawn and opened the door wider to let Toni in. “What’s wrong?”
     “Sorry to wake you, but I need to talk to someone,” Toni said.
     “What can I help you with?” Orel said as he closed the door and turned on the light.
     “Kelli and I just had a nasty encounter with Castleton about signing the nondisclosure form. He told us that if we didn’t sign the form, certain things were going to come out about our family’s past. Then he told us enough to prove he wasn’t bluffing.”     “What?”
     Toni took a deep breath. “Mom witnessed a murder when we were three. We had to go into the Witness Protection Program after Mom testified. You don’t testify against the Mafia and live to tell about it without help.”
     “Jesus!” Orel blurted.
     “Castleton said that Mom’s location might become known unless we signed the form. That son of a bitch is blackmailing us one by one.”
     “I know,” Orel said sympathetically.
     Toni reached into a pocket and pulled out three data chips. “Neath’s recordings, our views of the site, recovering the bodies, verifying identities, the cremations, memorial service, scattering the ashes, everything. We signed that form to keep Mom safe. If something happens to us, I want you to give these to the Movement. If something happens to Mom, Kelli and I will give our copies to the media and take our chances in court.”


     Jon sat in the chair outside of Doug’s cell and waited for midnight to arrive so Orel could take over. “Note to self, bring a book!” he said and stood to stretch.
     The closed door at the far end of the passageway swung open. “This area is off limits to unauthorized personnel,” Jon said loudly as Lucero entered.
     “I’m here to interrogate the prisoner,” Lucero said as he strode down the passageway. “I’m with the AIA.”
     “You have to leave now, mister,” Jon said as he recognized Lucero from Orel’s description.
     “Let me show you my authorization,” Lucero said and reached behind his back.
     Jon smiled grimly as he stopped and turned his body slightly sideways. “You cannot speak to the prisoner.”
     Lucero frowned. “You’re interfering with a--,” he said as he thrust a sharpened butter knife at Jon’s throat. Jon sidestepped to his right and lashed out with a perfect punch that broke Lucero’s nose. The AIA agent fell backward, blood streaming down his face and splattering on the steel deck. Jon pulled back his fist, stepped forward, pivoted slightly and delivered a powerful piston-kick to Lucero’s left knee. The animalistic screech torn from Lucero’s throat covered the sound of snapping bone and the knife falling to the deck. Jon kicked the knife away and drove a knuckle into a nerve cluster just below the jaw. Lucero’s screams ended instantly.
     Jon searched Lucero quickly. “You motherfucker,” he said and pulled the suppressed pistol from Lucero’s waistband. He stood up and aimed the pistol at the unconscious man. “I really should,” he whispered as the sights lined up on Lucero’s forehead. His finger tightened on the trigger.
     He plucked the com from his belt and activated it. “Major Booker? I need you here at Detention. Lucero just tried to kill me with an improvised weapon. He’s got a suppressed pistol, which tells me he was going kill me to justify shooting the prisoner.”
     “What? Well, keep everyone out of there. I’ll be there immediately.”
     “Thank you, sir.”
     Moments later, Lucero moaned softly as consciousness returned. Jon watched the AIA agent’s eyes focus on the suppressor. “Tell Castleton he’s next.”


     November 17:
     Jon stepped into Doug’s cell with a covered tray in his hands. “Today was a good day for everyone. Go ahead and eat.”
     Doug took off the tray cover to reveal a meal consisting of steak, rolls, and a baked potato. “What happened?”
     Jon untucked his baggy shirt and placed a bottle of beer next to the tray. “First, the team received a meritorious promotion. Without your help, that might not have happened. That was before Erich and Kana were allowed to marry here so she can be with him.”
     “That’s good. What’s going to happen to them?”
     “Erich is going to Earth for Clone/Graft treatment. Kana will be assigned to a training command in Georgia until he heals up. He’ll join her once he heals.”
     “I’m happy for them,” Doug said around a mouthful of food.
     “Obviously, the honeymoon will have to wait. I told him to request the two extra to make up for the delay,” Jon chuckled and looked at Doug. “Answer their questions clearly and quickly. Absolute silence absolutely guarantees your execution.”


     November 19, Compound One:
     Doug sat on his bunk and hoped his story of creating a new thrill of “playing hide and seek with the Warriors” satisfied his interrogators. To his surprise, he was not questioned further.
     Jon and Orel entered the cell. “Search time,” Jon said. Doug stood up and turned around for the inevitable frisk search.
     Orel placed a thick black hood over Doug’s head. “We’re not going to cuff you unless we have to, okay?”
     “The hood is for your protection, trust me,” Jon said.
     “No problem,” Doug said, his voice muffled.
     “Ready for some exercise?” Jon asked.
     “Sure,” Doug replied nonchalantly.
     Doug was taken on a circuitous route to confuse him about the layout of Compound One. Twenty minutes later, Orel removed Doug’s hood.
     Larsen stood by the airlock holding a blue cloth gym bag.
     “You’re free,” Jon said quietly.
     “What?” Doug asked.
     “I told you we would help you. So here you are.”
     Doug’s mouth dropped open in astonishment.
     “The Yankee Trader has a really friendly crew,” Jon reassured Doug. “One of them told me they go to Umoja for crew rotation after they stop here.”
     Larsen handed Doug the bag. “We got you on the ship, but you’ll have to work your passage to Umoja as a cook’s assistant. Inside, you’ll find a couple changes of clothes we scraped up and some identity papers we took from a trespasser. Use them on the ship and don’t answer to anything other than ‘Fred.’ When you land on Umoja, don’t go through Customs or attempt to use these papers in any way. You’ll find a familiar face waiting in the transshipping area when you arrive. Destroy the papers when you leave Umoja.”
     “How can I thank you?” Doug asked quietly. The yellow status light blinked as the decontamination process began.
     “You saved Kessler’s life,” Larsen said and turned to Orel. “Come on, let’s get trashed.”
     “Good idea,” Orel replied. They turned and walked away.
     Doug looked at Jon. “I never thought a Rodent would let me live.”
     “He’s not a Rodent,” Jon said harshly. “He’s a Rodinan exile.”
     “Sorry,” Doug said contritely.
     “One day people like him will make Rodina into the beautiful dream I think its colonists wanted it to be,” Jon said thoughtfully. “When that happens, I might look him up and see how beautiful a freed world can be.”
     “Stop by Aster’s World on your way there. There’s a thrill-tour with your name on it. Tell him and the others on your team that,” Doug said expansively.
     The airlock light blinked green. Jon touched the print pad and heard a mechanical click. “If I were you, I’d forget this place exists. The RGB would love to ask what you were really doing here. A couple of friends guarding the Rodents happened to mention in earshot that we found a fresh slushy after the battle. Don’t make our work useless.”
     Doug impulsively embraced Jon. “Thank you!”
     “You’re welcome,” Jon said with an amused smile as Doug released him. He opened the inner airlock door. “A word of advice.”
     “Don’t ever come back.”

Chapter 60
     November 20, Compound One:
     Jon heard a heavy knock at the door. “Come in!” he said and stood up.
     Ellen and Neil entered the room. “Hi, Jon,” Ellen said.
     “We just got word that Mia won’t be coming back to us in the foreseeable future,” Neil said. “We have to ship her gear to her.”
     Jon stood up. “I figured it was coming. Where is she?”
     “They’re listing her as Hospital Patient Duty, Medical Corps Command, Earth. No specific location yet,” Ellen said.
     “They always notify a unit so we can drop people from the rolls and forward their personals.”
     “She’s currently in transit. We’re supposed to ship her stuff to MCC on Earth. They’ll tell us where she is soon enough,” Ellen said.
     Jon sat on his bed and watched Ellen and Neil inventory and pack Mia’s belongings. He snatched a piece of paper from the printer and wrote a note. “Here, put this in there, will you?”

I love you! Write me, and I’ll join you wherever you are! I pledged my heart, mind, soul, and body to you.

     When the task was finished, Ellen and Neil left. Jon caught a faint whiff of Mia’s jasmine-scented body wash from the open locker. He stood and stared into it for a moment. After a moment, Jon closed the locker and turned on his computer. A chime indicated the Military Net had been updated. He settled into his seat and saw an E-mail from Orel.
     Jon read the addition to the Kronskye-specific nondisclosure form:
     I, ______________ do hereby agree not to disclose or otherwise reveal any information pertaining to all operations from ___________ to _________ through any means known or unknown.
     I acknowledge disclosure of the aforementioned information without proper authorization constitutes a violation of Article 3026, paragraph 4 under the Alliance Code of Military Justice.
     I acknowledge disclosure of aforementioned information without proper authority after discharge constitutes a violation of Alliance Civil Code Title 23, section 2, paragraph 33.
     I acknowledge disclosure of aforementioned information without proper authority constitutes a legal confession under Article 3026, paragraph 23 under the Alliance Code of Military Justice and Alliance Civil Code Title 27, section two, paragraph 4.
     I have been briefed on the legal implications of this statement and freely accept its conditions entirely without reservation.
     Signed _______________ Date:___________
     Witnessed by _____________ Date: ________

     “They can shove this right up their ass--sideways!” Jon shouted and deleted the E-mail.


     Ten minutes later, Orel banged his fist on Jon’s door.
     "Enter!" Jon said and turned off his computer. "What’s up?”     “Why haven’t you signed the nondisclosure statement?” Orel demanded.
     “Because we haven’t stopped the Rodents.”
     “We haven’t stopped the Rodents,” Jon said clearly. “We stopped them here. The bastards who started this have not been held accountable.”
     “How do you come to that conclusion?”
     “You said President Jameson knew about it and did nothing so the First Lady could start her political career. Toller knows about it from his boy Castleton, who knows about it from Lucero. This isn’t about covering it up for the good of the Alliance; it’s about covering it up to keep those sorry bastards off death row. There’s supposedly one standard of justice for all and I intend to hold them to it.”
     “You can’t disclose.”
     “You expect me let them get away with murder, treason and betrayal? Count me out.”
     “Imagine what happens if you disclose. We’re at the end of tourist season. If word gets out we’re running short on bodies, the trespassers will come here in force and possibly kill more Aggressors than the Rodents ever did.”
     “You’re overstating it,” Jon said, crossing his arms.
     “No, I’m understating,” Orel insisted. “They have to keep this secret anyway they can.”
     “I heard what Castleton did to get Toni and Kelli to sign. You notice Lucero hasn’t been around much lately and Castleton is resigning.”
     “I’ve noticed,” Orel said with a wry grin. “Nobody sent me here to talk you into signing, I swear to God. I’m here as a friend.”
     “A friend would be helping me see this through, not signing off on this.”
     “Thompson is one step from ordering you to sign the non-disclosure statement.”
     “He doesn’t want to do that,” Jon said.
     “If he orders me to sign, I’ll do everything I can to get a court-martial. If that means going across his desk and beating him half to death, I’ll do it. Because he’s the aggrieved party, I’ll have to be shipped elsewhere for trial.
     “I’ll show the court my chips and prove my action was in response to being given an illegal and immoral order to break military and civilian law to cover up the executions. I can call witnesses, and under the ACMJ, a court-martial board has the authority to waive non-disclosure statements for evidentiary purposes. I’ll walk away free and start the Jamesons, Toller, Lucero, and Castleton on their trip to the gallows,” Jon said confidently. “The truth is a weapon.”
     “Let’s say you manage to disclose, and for argument’s sake, let’s say the media believes you. What happens next?” Orel said.
     “You tell me.”
     “Best case scenario: You disclose and manage to bring down the Jamesons and their cronies. Vice President Hood is sworn in. It still takes time to get potential Aggressors screened, shipped here and trained. They’ll get here too late to be of any real use. We’ll have a winter tourist season that defies belief. Raiders get the product and kill millions with it. The Alliance decides to secure Kronskye properly once and for all with the Carthage Treatment,” Orel said.
     Jon shook his head. “Castleton’s too stupid to realize that it takes time for the word to get out. Then the raiders have to act on that--if they act on it at all. More time between now and if these alleged hordes of raiders come knocking. Meanwhile, we have winter on our side and we have more Aggressors coming.
     “It takes time to process a court-martial. I can disclose when I’m on trial or to the media after I leave here and never compromise security. The raiders will realize the opportunity to act is gone because of the delay. Justice is served, there will be no Carthage Treatment and Restoration continues. The guilty parties get what’s coming to them. Castleton didn’t convince me.”
     “You are an idealist,” Orel declared. “God love you for it, but your idealism has a life-span related to their willingness to kill you. You’ll only succeed in getting off the planet in irons with that plan. You’ll probably be shot trying to escape or commit suicide in your cell one night before trial. Tragic.”
     “They don’t even want to try that,” Jon said.
     “No ‘try’ to it. They will,” Orel said, gesturing to the computer. “Did you hear the news?”
     “The Rodents reported the Pushkina’s fusion bottles lost containment shipping the first wave of Warriors home. The casualty list includes the Rodents we killed, the fifty-six we removed from the pits, the one hundred we didn’t know about and the Pushkina’s crew. The Rodents killed one hundred forty innocent crewmembers and destroyed a new ship to create their cover story.”
     “No joke?” Jon whispered.
     “That came in on the latest Info Courier. If they are willing to kill innocents to cover this up, they won’t think twice about killing you. Your disclosure can kill millions,” Orel said.
     “I don’t see how.”
     “Say you succeed and get the Jamesons, Toller, Castleton and Lucero some quality time with the hangman. You see that as the end. But that’s only the start.”
     “The start?”
     “Veterans vote for those who support the troops. Jameson’s hold on the veteran’s voting block has always been shaky at best. The vets won’t be satisfied with a few properly strung up politicians. They’re going to make sure nothing like this happens again. The veteran’s organizations will pressure Hood to throw Rodina out of the Alliance. He will do it to keep his new job and to save the Progressives from total defeat in the next election.
     “On Rodina, the Party will blame the Asterians for being thrown out of the Alliance. At first, the people will accept it. Eventually, they’ll wonder who is telling the truth. In time, they will decide the Party is not telling it and revolt. Since the Movement isn’t in position to help overthrow the Party, the Party will fight effectively. Between the revolt and famine that follows, millions will die.
     “You’ve become a hardass, Jon. But are you hard enough to live with millions of deaths on your conscience?”


     The walk to Personnel was made in silence.
     Jon went to the counter and asked for the nondisclosure form.
     “Name, service number and unit?” the clerk asked.
     “Walker, Jon. No middle. India four one zero six eight three one five five. Savior Team, Lima Company, First Battalion.”
     The clerk typed in the information and handed Jon a datapad with the mostly-completed form on it. “Read, but don’t sign it until I get a witness.”
     “Right,” Jon said tiredly. The clerk scurried away to an office. Jon looked at a laminated notice taped to the counter reminding romantic-couples to have their KSD 1408 tour-adjustment forms signed by their commanders before submitting their Bond packet. A feeling of melancholy hit Jon, for he never imagined being separated from Mia.
     The clerk returned with an Air Force Captain who wore the crossed-quills of the Administrative Support Branch on his camouflaged shirt. “Captain Roberts will be your witness.”
     “Is all the personal information on this form correct?” Roberts asked.
     “Yes, sir.”
     “Did you read and understand this form?” Roberts asked.
     “Yes, sir,” Jon said.
     “Do you have any questions pertaining to this form or the consequences of violating the non-disclosure agreement?”
     “No, sir.”
     “Sign and date it.”
     Jon signed and dated the form.
     Roberts signed and dated the form, and then walked back to his office.
     Jon watched Roberts pick up the com.
     “Here,” the clerk said as he held out a paper copy of the form. Jon pocketed the form and followed Orel into the passageway.
     “Jon, you don’t know how much this means to me. I cannot thank you enough.”
     “You’re welcome,” Jon said.
     “I mean it. I have family and friends on Rodina. I want to see them again,” Orel said with a beatific smile on his face. “I have that chance now. Thank you.”
     “You’re welcome.”
     “Let’s head to Five North,” Orel said.
     “No thanks,” Jon said bitterly. “I don’t feel like partying.”
     “We’re not going to party. Trust me?”
     “Yeah,” Jon said.
     “Come on.”
     The two men walked in silence until they reached Tube Five North. They hand-printed into the Tube and began the long walk uphill.
     “Don’t get me wrong, but we can’t let the Jamesons get away with this,” Jon said.
     “Security has to be tight or the op is over. You won’t get a medal or extra pay, but you will get satisfaction,” Orel said.
     Jon brightened at the familiar words. “I got my rifle. Let the games begin.”
     “Not with weapons. What we have in mind is better.”
     “What’s better than putting a six point five millimeter bolt between their eyes?”
     “Bringing them down legally,” Orel said.
     “Think this is the only scandal the Jamesons have covered up?”
     “You know Redding from First Platoon?”
     “I know what he looks like, but we’ve never talked,” Jon replied.
     “He’s working on a degree in Journalism. He told Larsen about other students who aren’t happy about the situation either. When they become journalists, they’re going to focus on exposing other scandals and nail the Jamesons and their pet bureaucrats that way.
     “Last night, Larsen told me about a Guardian who wanted to do something different before he retired. He was Air Force Criminal Investigation Service for fifteen years. When he retires in a couple of months, he is going to be doing some careful looking at the Jamesons and their supporters. He’ll have lots of help from former Aggressors, Guardians and Technicians who know many people who might have some useful info. Find some useful dirt and see where it goes. At the best, we get justice for those they’ve screwed over in the past. At the worst, Jameson will have to divert time and money away from his campaign to deal with it. All nice and legal,” Orel said.
     “That will take some time before it happens. We have to keep Jameson from being reelected. My way guarantees he won’t be reelected.”
     “And we will,” Orel said.
     “How?” Jon asked.
     Orel smiled grimly. “On our last trip to Compound Two, I acquired a few chips showing the SES training with their armored vehicles.”
     “You can’t disclose those.”
     “If you look at the dates on the form, it covers from the time Miru was killed until we took control of Sector Five. The chips are dated before that time,” Orel said. “It doesn’t reveal the battle or the fate of those vehicles. Therefore, it doesn’t violate the nondisclosure agreement. Larsen checked it with Legal for me.”
     “Interesting,” Jon said with a smile. “What are you going to do with them?”
     “Send them to some friends who will make sure copies get to the right media hands during the Presidential campaign. While the Rodents were covered by the provisional military status, people know we don’t use M333s. With a little media-driven encouragement, the people will wonder why the Rodents were training on M333s and associate it with the SES’ shortened tour of duty. Given the speeches Jameson and Ambassador Polonovich gave about how the SES did their duty, it makes him look like a liar.
     “Since he gave them a provisional military status, President Jameson can’t punish the SES for training. With a little spin, it will look like he’s collaborating with the Rodents. If he does something, it looks like he’s covering his ass after the fact. I don’t think he’ll get one electoral vote from Aster’s World.”
     “You’re evil,” Jon said admiringly.
     “Thank you,” Orel said with a pompous smile. “That’s the beginning. Down the road, we’ll resurrect that footage and hint Kris Jameson created the idea of using the SES for political gain and trash her legally. While it won’t affect her reelection bid, it will make her look like an opportunistic political whore whose legislation shouldn’t be considered worthwhile. If she has Presidential hopes like people say, having a poor legislative record won’t help her any.”
     “You’re using one of Miru-san’s techniques,” Jon said as they reached the check station. They hand-printed into Dome Five North and walked into the pavilion.
      “Attack constantly from many angles, and eventually victory is ours. Are you in?”
     “Hell, yeah!” Jon said. “What do you want me to do?”
     “Step one is to stay alive.”
     “Keep talking,” Jon said.
     “Do you have an angle?” Orel asked.
     “Besides being the guy most likely to shoot them? No.”
     “That’s why we’re here,” Orel said.
     “I don’t understand,” Jon said.
     “You’re going to apply one of Miru’s lessons tonight.”
     “And that is?”
     “What do you do when an enemy is looking closely at your intentions?”
     “Let them see what you want them to see. Hide what you don’t want them to see,” Jon replied.
     “Right. I’m sure the AIA has snitches watching you. So we’re going to have a beer or three with Hanna and Kelli,” Orel said.
     “Why them?”
     “Hanna’s one hell of an organizer. Kelli is a creative thinker. While the AIA thinks we're hitting on two pretty women, Hanna and Kelli will help you find a new way to show the Jamesons why it’s never a good idea to piss off an Aggressor.”