Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to fix America's woes in one easy blog.

   Let's face it. America is in serious trouble. Our economy sucks like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.
   The Affordable Care Act is turning America's healthcare system into a joke. Our foreign policy is a complete failure. Our borders might as well be unguarded and welcome mats rolled out for all the security we place on our borders.
   We give welfare and other public assistance to illegal immigrants and make our veterans jump through hoops for needed medical and educational assistance.
   How do we fix this?
   It's easier than you think.
   It begins with the economy. If Obama had any brains at all, he would follow JFK's lead and cut taxes, especially on corporations. The US has the highest corporate tax rate on the planet. Doesn't take a "Hahvahd Constitutional Scholar" to figure out nobody goes somewhere to pay higher taxes.
   When you cut taxes, you bring home more profit and are able to take some of that profit, turn it into factories and JOBS, create more product (or provide a service) and thus create more income and pay taxes on that.
  With more jobs comes the employer's need to have a smart, capable workforce. To get that, the employers must offer competitive wages and benefits designed to attract and retain the best and brightest. Get enough employers doing this, and access to health care becomes a problem that could be handled by SERIOUSLY REVISED AND DOWNSIZED Medicare and Medicaid programs.
   One problem with American Foreign Policy is not consistent because our political leadership is not consistent. By "consistent," I mean the goals of the nation are the driving force behind foreign policy decisions, not the politics that get the ruling party elected. Our politicians must remember that our foreign policy will affect ALL American, not just the support groups of a political party.
   The first and foremost duty of a government is to ensure the security of its borders, territories and security of its citizens. America must have a coherent, CONSISTENT immigration policy that works. STREAMLINING the LEGAL immigration process is a start. Deportation of illegals and "anchor babies" is another part of it. Harry Truman did it, why can't we do it today?
   Our borders are a joke. I would do whatever it took, up to and including posting military forces to stop illegal immigrants. Think this is tyrannical? I'm just taking a play from the Communists. The Iron Curtain was (officially) built to defend Eastern Europe from deprived capitalists seeking to take unearned benefits of socialism for themselves. It worked. :)
  End of illegal immigration problem.
  With increased revenues from putting Americans back to work, there will be money to deliver promised benefits to our veterans who have earned them. Those who are injured/wounded will be treated by the best physicians available.
   And it all starts when Americans take off the blinders and see the Democrat party is not what it appears to be. When America throws the Democrats out, sanity will begin to return to our legislative process. Laws that benefit AMERICA, not just the favored few or lobbyists will be passed.
   It all starts with a vote.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you blame them?

   Today, three Secret Service agents were "sent home for being drunk on duty."
   The men were members of the "Counter Assault Team" the people who would fight any rear-guard action against any team assault against Obama.
   To hear people talk, being on this team is supposed to be a great personal and professional "honor," career milestone, etc. But if you look deeper, what you see might scare you.
   People have many motivations to join organizations. I did some basic research and came to my conclusions on why people would volunteer for this dangerous detail.
   1. Career. It is a career-enhancing slot and face it, the chances of ACTUALLY getting shot are rather slender.
   2. Patriotism.
   3. Political belief, i.e. "The President MUST be kept alive because he's the only hope this country has."
   Now, in the past, by and large the Secret Service has a good reputation for professionalism and such. Being trusted to guard the President was an honor.
   Presidents in the past had Integrity and Honor. They embodied, or at least tried like hell to live up to the concept of "Duty."
   That was up until Barack Hussein Obama was elected.
   Let's face it. Would you REALLY consider guarding Obama an HONOR? Would you REALLY be willing to take a bullet for a proven LIAR? Would you REALLY have no problem defending a man who uses governmental agencies to persecute his political enemies?
   Serving Obama is no honor. It's nothing special, except the chances of catching a bullet for Obama are growing higher with every speech Il Douche gives. No, this is NOT a threat, but a very real concept to think about.
   You have a known liar. One who persecutes his political opponents. One who has rigged the system (mainly by appointing corrupt Cabinet members who know damned well to shut up and an Attorney General who knows not to prosecute anything!) to prevent lawful, peaceful redress of grievances and JUSTICE.
   President John F. Kennedy said it best with the line of, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."
   When the citizens see they cannot get proper justice, they will take up arms and justice will become vengeance.
   And that's probably why Secret Service agents are getting blitzed left, right and center. They don't want to die defending an arrogant prick who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
   Can you blame them?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Obama proves his weakness AGAIN (NSFW RANT)

  Today, reporter Jonathan Karl asked a simple question wanting to know if Mitt Romney was correct in his assertion that Russia is America’s number one geopolitical foe.
   Obama said, "Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors not out of strength, but out of weakness."
   Not satisfied with showing off his well-developed idiocy, Il Douche made a Joe Biden-quality gaffe with this statement.
   "The fact that Russia felt compelled to go in militarily and lay bare these violations of international law indicates less influence, not more."
   News flash for the reality-impaired:


   Using this "logic"Hitler would not have annexed Austria or the Sudetenland in Czechslovakia, not with the French having a VERY large army nearby and the British having the largest navy in the world.
   This situation came directly from a WEAK LEADER using the Neville Chamberlain book of appeasement to solve problems.
   How did this weak, ineffective moronic pussy of a leader get into such a position?
   Because there were enough IDIOTS who believed that, "Little Barack Obama grew up overseas and knows more about living overseas than anyone else and knows all about foreign policy from that and that he should just be given the title because he's black, and after all, how can anyone not like his little cutesy face?"
   In short, Democrats bought his line not only once, but twice.
  Anyone who believes growing up AS A CHILD made Obama more competent than McCain in 2008 is a motherfucking IDIOT.
   Now to straighten out Il Douche.
   Barack, if you think you're scaring Putin, think again. While you were leading your "Choom Gang" (bunch of dope-smoking assholes, IMHO), Vladimir Putin was studying Sambo (a Russian martial art), and moving up the ranks of the KGB. Think you're scaring HIM? Vlad could snap your neck, bend you over and butt-surf you before you could offer him a hit on a second-rate doobie. Don't think you're causing him sleepless nights.
   Barack, if you think you're a leader, think again. You are NOT a leader in any way, much less a decisive one. I've seen privates in the Army on their first day of training with more leadership potential than you'll ever show. You are not a leader. You are a "community organizer" and all you've organized is one fucking cluster-fuck after another. You are the circle-jerk without the pivot man. You are the soup in "Soup Sandwich." You are flat out the most inept, inane and incompetent SOB anyone has ever put into the White House. The world is laughing at you and the Democrat Party for your incompetence, weakness, corruption and utter lunacy.
   Thanks to the stupidity of millions, the world is laughing at America.