Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The choice is yours.

   Until today, the DEMOCRATS, those fun-loving freedom stealing tyrants in $1000 suits always denied "voter fraud" exists.
   Thanks to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, we have RECENT, incontrovertible evidence the Democrats way to victory in the 2016 election is with VOTER FRAUD. Here is the link. VOTER FRAUD
   O'Keefe is the man who brought down ACORN and exposed Planned Parenthood. The Democrats cannot call his videos lies.
   Currently, "the polls" show Hillary Clinton "ahead" and "poised to win."
   However, Donald Trump is filling stadiums while Hillary barely fills high school gymnasiums.
   Pictures speak louder than words.
   Polls can be skewed quite easily. NBC skewed polls to keep Hillary ahead

   Fast forward to November 8th.
   Imagine a Hillary Clinton victory. Naturally she will scream "I have a mandate" while millions of voters scratch their heads and wonder WTF happened. Trump filled arenas! There were far more Trump stickers and yard signs than Hillary stickers and yard signs! How can she win?
   Short of a major blunder, Hillary can only win with voter fraud.
   Voter fraud essentially tells the "losing side" WE ARE THE WINNERS, YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT and SHUT THE FUCK UP!
   What do you do in the face of rampant voter fraud?
   Clearly, going to the government is not an option this time around. Obama's Cabinet is corrupt, crooked and self-serving. Putting Trump in the White House will only undo their "work." For Hillary and many others, having a REAL Attorney General who will act on fact would only put them in prison. That can't happen. Therefore, any reports of voter fraud will be "investigated" and "dismissed" like the FBI's "report" on Hillary's Emails.
   There is a choice.
   The citizens can either take a seat and STFU or they can take up arms and clean out the corruption one politician at a time.
   The choice is yours. Choose wisely.